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 is safe and youwill get a confirmation e.mail from us confirming your entries.

Then book your travel and accommodation and you will be able to look forward

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Click here to see Players Entered   (5th February)
Poker Stars Men's Open         :  107 Mens Pairs    :  45 O'Kells Men's Classic          :  65
Specsavers Ladies Classic     :  23 Ladies Pairs  :  11 Poker Stars Ladies Open    :  29
Boys Youth                            :  3 Mixed Pairs   :  27 Girls Youth                         :  0

19th January

During the past 9 months we have been in extensive discussions with potential corporate partners, to source further events into the E.D.O. portfolio, whilst we were able to secure the Isle of Man Festival of Darts, despite massive interference, the other two events contrary to what we were guaranteed as recently as  just a few months ago were done and dusted with TV coverage, sadly despite the massive amount of time involved with this company and costs involved when it actually came to completing  contracts and agreed financial deposits to protect our company these for a million and one excuses were never forthcoming, which has resulted in us finally breaking off all further negotiations with the company concerned.

This will result in the May date currently in the BDO diary now being withdrawn, however we are in discussions with another potential partner and hopefully we can successfully conclude contractual agreements to hold the event as planned in November 2016.

We would like to thank all the players and officials for their continued support of England Darts, and apologise for the uncertainty caused by this whole situation, albeit, you deal with people and a certain amount of trust, is involved, in any negotiations, on this occasions misplaced by us, but we all live and learn.

Please enter the Isle of Man event with over 30,000 prize fund, entries online via www.englanddarts.co.uk follow link on main page. No entries on the day will be taken and the draw will appear on England Site. 
















9th/10th January 2016

Congratulations to Trina Gulliver and Scott Waites on winning the Lakeside World titles.















19th November 2015

2016 Poker Stars Isle of Man International Festival of Darts
The 31st Isle of Man Darts Festival

The Isle of Man darts festival is undoubtedly one of the most iconic, eagerly anticipated and best attended events in the BDO calendar. For three decades hundreds of darts enthusiasts have been flocking to the island not just to participate, not just lured by the guarantee of over 30,000 in prize money, but almost uniquely, just to be a part what many consider to be the biggest 'party event' of the year.

Okay it is fair to say that the main singles event, one of the most prestigious  titles in BDO darts has been won by a couple of fairly decent players over the years, including the likes of Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnall, Ted Hankey, Scott Waites, Dennis Harbour, Steve Bunting, Robbie Green, Darryl Fitton not to mention a certain Phil Taylor whoever he is, but for hundreds of enthusiasts who make the pilgrimage every year, though obviously really important, it's not just about winning, it's also about having a great time, about having a few days away with your mates, or in many cases with your whole darts team.

In that respect the IOM darts event is a bit like the darting equivalent of the Cheltenham racing festival, where so many of those who go year after year actually book the following year before they even leave the one they're at.

Obviously for 2016, we the EDO are the events new organisers. Following a very lengthy and in depth tendering process we are honoured that the IOM Government have entrusted us with the responsibility of moving the Festival forward in the years ahead, and we will be working very closely with the Department of Economic Development, Tourism Events’ to ensure everybody enjoys themselves as much, and if possible even more than they have always done previously.

At this stage it would be totally remiss of us, if we were not to publicly acknowledge the amazing work and job done by the previous organisers Les and Steve France. For thirty years they were solely responsible for making the Festival what it is today and though, as always happens with new incumbents,  we will be making the odd tweak here and there, our main three priorities will be to show the IOM government they chose wisely, to ensuring those who attend continue to have a great time and importantly to preserve then extend the legacy that Les and Steve have given the event
New directives from the BDO about the distribution of prize funds have forced not just us but all organisers to re-visit how the prize funds are spread and if you analyse the distribution of the prize money and compare it with previous years you will notice some quite significant changes.

Prize money has been increased for 2016 and in total will pay out more than 30,000 and in recognition of the fact with so many entries that the majority of players can't get near that first prize we have introduced a new singles event whereby only those who have not picked up any prize money in the two main respective ranking events will be allowed to enter.


Okay, the winners of these new initiatives won't be going home with the prestigious title and or trophy in their luggage, but they most certainly will go home with extra prize money!

It is important to us at the EDO that we cater for all our players, all our customers who attend the events we organise and the more players who return home with prize money the happier we are.


Because the event structure is so historically proven and though we hope to introduce even more initiatives for 2017 it would be folly for us to tinker with the accepted and proven status quo in any significant way, especially with such a limited time given to promote it.  We fully appreciate just how popular the men's, ladies and mixed doubles are and regulars will be pleased to know that all will be staying.

More significantly is the ranking status of the singles events. Last year the main event for both men and ladies was advertised as CAT A, this year can we point out that both will be CAT A+.

Might not appear a huge difference but when it comes to picking up those all important ranking points it is. We are also upgrading both the Isle of Man Classic events, with the men's rising from CAT C to CAT B and the ladies being upgraded from CAT C to CAT A. Significant advances that we are sure will go down well with every BDO supporter, especially as it means there will be more prize money as well.

Other than those, players won't notice too many changes at all, and under the “if it isn't broke why try mending it” philosophy why would they.

That said there will obviously be some, including the significant introduction of an on line booking service where you can all simply enter and pay on line for all events which has proven to be very popular at all our events. Don't worry if you are not comfortable in entering in this manner though you will still be able to enter the old fashioned way and you'll find the contact details if you wish to enter in this manner on entry forms and the web site.

But please note that particularly for all the ranking events, there will be no bookings taken on the day, everyone has to be pre-booked into these events to allow us not only to post the full draw sheets prior to arrival but also to ensure we can start on the advertised times and to assist this online entries will close on 3rd March.

If anyone has any questions whatsoever be it on the events, accommodation travel or indeed anything else to do with any part of the festival just pop into the contacts page and we will do our best to answer them for you all.

Whilst the Festival is now under our guardianship we are very mindful that the IOM International Darts Festival is the players event, and it will always remain the players event, so equally if you have any advice, comments or suggestions then again please feel free to share them with us, and please when you finish reading this pop into,  'like' and hopefully share the Isle of Man Darts Festival FB page where you will be kept up to date with all news, and developments as well as being able to take part in numerous free to enter competitions.

2016 is exciting for everyone at the EDO and we look forward to meeting many old friends and hopefully many new ones in March

see you there!

Tommy Thompson
English Darts Organisation Chairman

5th November 2015

Though full details will come out tomorrow we are proud to announce to the darting world that the new headline sponsor for the 2016 Isle of Man International Darts Festival will be POKERSTARS.

To have such a recognised global brand lending their name to the event, is a huge honour for us all and we are delighted to welcome them on board.

Everything is coming tomorrow, just 24 hours to wait people, including our associate sponsor, full event details, travel and accommodation offers..

With the 2016 Isle of Man Open and the Isle of Man Classic events now being  run by the England Darts Organisation, we are pleased to announce that both events of the Ladies and Men's will now be included in the England Ranking system. This will also see the winners of both events qualify for the England Matchplay which will be played during the England Classic weekend at Bunn Leisure, Selsey played from the 9th to 12th September 2016.

More details about the Isle of Man will be available this week.



5th November 2015

The England Darts Organisation & Howard Miller are proud to announce that after a very lengthy and meticulous open tendering process that the Isle of Man Government has given us sole organisation rights for 2016 Isle of Man Open. This process was open to any Darts Organisations or Promoters, and instigated by them.

The event, will have a guaranteed prize fund of over 30,000.00 will as usual be run at the magnificent Villa Marina Complex in Douglas between 10th – 13th March 2016, and will obviously carry full BDO Invitational points, with the Men’s and Ladies Premier events carrying Cat A+ ranking Status and two further singles events which previously carried Cat C being upgraded to at least Cat B.

We hope that all the players who have supported the event in previous years will return for the 31st running of the event, and in doing so help ensure that the Isle of Man International Darts Festival maintains its position as one of the world’s longest and and most anticipated tournaments.

All the full details of the Festival will be announced very shortly, as will the official IOM Governments Press release and we will be able to answer every question and query immediately thereafter.

Finally we would like to thank the Isle of Man Government and the many departments involved in the tendering process for entrusting the future of such a great event into our hands

Tommy Thompson
Chairman England Darts Organisation Ltd.






Wednesday Details from the World Cup in Turkey. To see more details CLICK HERE.

The youths played their pairs and Danielle Ashton & Chelsea Williamson win all three of their games to win their group. In the boys Chris Gower & Dan Perry lost their opening two matches 3-4 but a crucial final match win saw them join the girls in the last eight, Unfortunately they both then lost 3-4. They are still in third place overall.

The Ladies played their team game and won their group with tw0 9-0 wins to reach the last 16 where they beat Scotland 9-5 to earn a place against USA on Thursday. It also keep them top of the points table.

The Men's played their singles and had a disappointing day in general, Mark McGeeney, Scott Mitchell and Jamie Hughes all lost in the second match and Glen Durrant in his third match, however they regrouped brilliantly later to beat Australia 9-2 in the team quarter-final and gain a place in Fridays semi final against Northern Ireland. This has seen the men drop down to sixth overall.

Thursday will see the Youths play their mixed pairs round robin groups, the Ladies play singles and then also a quarter-final team match and Men played pairs.


The top points tables after day two

Youths     Ladies     Men's  
Netherlands 107   England 55   Northern Ireland 42
Germany 98   Republic of Ireland    35   Wales 39
England 79   Australia 30   Scotland 37
Auatralia 76   Sweden 28   Finland 37
Hungary 73   Scotland 20   Republic of Ireland 36
South Africa 66   Norway 19   England 34
Scotland 61   Germany 18   Australia 30
Czech Republic 47   Czech Republic 18   Lithuania 24
            USA 24


Tuesday saw the World Cup start in Turkey with all the players in action. To see more details CLICK HERE.

The youths had their singles and  Danielle Ashton, Chris Gower and Dan Perry all got through their round robin groups to reach the last 16 , unfortunately only Chris managed to make it through to the semi finals.

In the Ladies it was the pairs and both of our pairs (Deta Hedman & Fallon Sherrock and Lisa Ashton & Claire Brookin) won through to the semi finals.

The men played their team event and came top of their round robin group undefeated to win the  group, this included a superb 9-1 win over the Netherlands. This took them into  last  16 where they beat Russia 9-3  to gain a place in the quarter finals (played Wednesday) against Australia.

This has given them all  good start to the World Cup, Wednesday will see the Ladies play their team event, the men start their singles and the Youths play Girls and Boys Pairs.

The top places in the overall points tables after day one are :

Youths     Ladies     Men's  
Netherlands 55   England 40   England 17
Germany 48   Republic of Ireland    20   Wales 17
England 46   Australia 20   Republic of Ireland    17
Hungary 42   Sweden 14   Northern Ireland 17
South Africa 41   Switzerland 12   Scotland 16
Auatralia 36   South Africa 12   Australia 16
Czech Republic    31   Scotland 12   Norway 15
Austria 29   Belgium 12   Finland 14
      Norway 12      



 Coverage from the games played at Selsey over the weekend are currently being edited, once this is done the games will be available to watch on the England Darts Channel


The England teams will be travelling to Turkey to play in the WDF World Cup and all the respective draws are now available on the World Cup page (updated 18th October), CLICK HERE. It is out intention to update all the results of the England teams direct from Turkey and we will also use the England Facebook page please be aware that the times quoted are Turkish times and subject to change.

The players in the teams are :

Youth Girls : Danielle Ashton (Lancashire) & Chelsea Williamson (London).

Youth Boys : Chris Gower (Essex) & Dan Perry (Hampshire/Dorset).

Ladies : Lisa Ashton (Lancashire), Claire Brookin (Cambridgeshire), Deta Hedman (Oxfordshire) & Fallon Sherrock (Buckinghamshire).

Mens : Glen Durrant (Cleveland), Jamie Hughes (Warwickshire), Mark McGeeney (Lancashire) & Scott Mitchell (Dorset).


13th September

    Average  Score   Average  
Ladies Classic Semi Final Deta Hedman 23.98 2-4 26.66 Anastasia Dobromyslova
   Lisa Ashton 26.20 4-3 23.19 Fallon Sherrock
Mens Classic Semi Final Glen Durrant 31.97 5-3 30.67 Wesley Harms
Mens Classic Semi Final Darryl Fitton 30.44 4-5 29.14 Jim Williams
Ladies Classic Pairs Final    Zoe Jones 21.55 1-3 26.29 Casey Gallagher
Claire Brookin Fallon Sherrock
Mens Classic Pairs Final    Sam Hewson 24.07 2-3 24.42 Madars Razma
Jamie Hughes Darius Labanauskas
Girls Classic Youth Final Beau Greaves 19.31 3-1 19.79 Natasha Eaves
Boys Classic Youth Final Lewis Gurney 22.66 3-1 21.32 Brad Halls
Ladies Masters Final Aileen de Graaf 23.72 3-5 28.11 Lisa Ashton
Mens Masters Final Dean Reynolds 29.31 5-6 32.04 Scott Mitchell
Ladies Classic Final Anastasia Dobromyslova 24.39 2-5 26.44 Lisa Ashton
Mens Classic Final Glen Durrant 35.50 6-2 31.63 Jim Williams



  2015 Boys England Matchplay
  Quarter Finals
  Dan Perry (1) 24.17  1-3   20.21 George Cressey  
  Jack Vincent (4) 25.06 3-1 22.10 Kallum Graham
  Chris Gower (3) 23.12 3-0 23.45 Jamie Peetoom

2015 Girls England Matchplay

  Connor Levett (2)               21.96 1-3 24.85 Owen Maiden
Semi Finals   Semi Finals
Amy Collins 16.97  1-3   18.07 Natasha Eaves   George Cressey 23.71 1-3 26.26 Jack Vincent (4)
Chelsea Williamson    13.81 0-3 22.43 Beau Greaves   Chris Gower (3) 25.46 3-1 25.21 Owen Maiden
Final   Final
Natasha Eaves 18.70 0-3 20.88 Beau Greaves   Jack Vincent (4) 20.13 0-3 29.47 Chris Gower (3)

2015 Ladies England Matchplay


2015 Mens England Matchplay

Quarter Finals   Quarter Finals
Lisa Ashton (1) 27.08  4-1   27.24 Fallon Sherrock   Glen Durrant (1) 29.62  4-1   28.63 Wesley Harms
Zoe Jones (4) 23.99 3-4 24.68 Anastasia Dobromyslova   Jamie Hughes (4) 31.70 4-2 25.55 Dennis Harbour
Trina Gulliver (3) 22.41 4-2 22.66 Claire Brookin   Paul Hogan (3) 27.17 3-4 28.17 Gary Robson
Deta Hedman (2) 25.13 4-3 24.96 Maggie Sutton   Scott Mitchell (2) 28.57 3-4 29.50 Mark McGeeney          
Semi Finals   Semi Finals
Lisa Ashton (1) 25.35 3-5 26.89 Anastasia Dobromyslova   Glen Durrant (1) 32.86  5-3 29.82 Jamie Hughes (4)
Trina Gulliver (3) 24.73 1-5 25.56 Deta Hedman (2)   Gary Robson 31.47


31.08 Mark McGeeney  
Final   Final
Anastasia Dobromyslova 27.26 6-5 28.60 Deta Hedman (2)   Glen Durrant (1) 31.57 6-5 29.64 Gary Robson


Girls Matchplay Draw
Boys Matchplay Draw
   Ladies Matchplay Draw      
Mens Matchplay Draw



 Congratulations to all the Winners
Girls Matchplay Boys Matchplay Ladies Matchplay Mens Matchplay
Classic Ladies Pairs Classic Mens Pairs Classic Girls Classic Boys
Classic Ladies Classic Mens Masters Ladies Masters Mens


2015 Classic 4's Winners :  Jo Rolls,

Alan Edwards, Geoff Heath and Jason Heaver


Click on the respective draws to see them and also the updates when available




Ladies Classic Pairs Draw


  Ladies Masters Singles Results   

Mens Masters Singles Results


2015 England Classic Weekend   

11th - 13th September


  Ladies Classic Singles Draw   

Mens Classic Singles Draw

Mens Classic Pairs Draw





2015 rooms4groups England Matchplay


2015 England Matchplay
Mens Players   Ladies Players   Boys Players   Girls Players
Glen Durrant   Lisa Ashton   Dan Perry   Amy Collins
Scott Mitchell   Deta Hedman   Connor Levett   Natasha Eaves
Paul Hogan   Trina Gulliver   Chris Gower   Beau Greaves
Jamie Hughes   Zoe Jones   Jack Vincent      Chelsea Williamson     
Mark McGeeney   Claire Brookin     Kallum Graham        
   Garry Robson        Maggie Sutton   Jamie Peetoom    
Dennis Harbour   Fallon Sherrock   John Brown    
Wesley Harms     Anastasia Dobromyslova           Owen Maiden         


10th September (edited at 15.45)

Apologies to Dean Reynolds who had been missed off the original list, if any more players think there is a mistake, please contact a EDO Official as the draws for the England Classic Mens & Ladies Singles will be done late tonight and published on Friday morning.

The seeded players for the England Classic and England Masters will be :

Ladies   Men
Deta Hedman 1 Glen Durrant
Fallon Sherrock 2 Scott Mitchell
Lisa Ashton 3 Jamie Hughes
Aileen de Graaf 4 Wesley Harms
Anastasia Dobromyslova 5 Jeffrey de Graaf
Lorraine Winstanley 6 Darryl Fitton
Zoe Jones 7 Pip Blackwell
Rachel Brooks 8 Scott Waites
Trina Gulliver 9 Gary Robson
Casey Gallagher 10 Jim Williams
Paula Jacklin 11 Madars Razma
Ann Louise Peters 12 Ross Montgomery
Anca Zijlstra 13 Mark McGeeney
Maggie Sutton 14 Willem Mandigers
Sue Gulliver 15 Martin C Atkins
Chris Savvery 16 Sam Hewson
  17 Darius Labanauskas
  18 Tony O'Shea
  19 Ryan de Vreede
  20 Brian Dawson
  21 James Hurrell
  22 Ted Hankey
  23 Michel van der Horst
  24 Richard Veenstra
  25 Dean Reynolds
  26 Dennis Harbour
  27 Stefaan Deprez
  28 Daniel Larsson
  29 Gary Stafford
  30 Sven Verdonck
  31 Garry Thompson
  32 Carl Dennel


4th September

Calling all darts fanatics, England needs you. TV audience required in the Embassy at Selsey on 12th September (England Classic) 4.30pm to 7.30pm approx. Come and watch some exciting games of darts and join in the fun with Tony O'Shea and Ted Hankey accompanied by Master of Ceremonies Little Richard Ashdown. Feel free to come in fancy dress and get yourself on telly and have a good laugh, filming to go out on National TV. Bound to have some hey hey baby and vampire bats. Spread the worn everyone, get tweeting, tittering and posting.

19th August

The weekend saw the four England regional play-offs for places in the finals of the Winmau World Masters, the qualifiers were :

  Midlands   Northern   South East   South West
Men Shaun Carroll (West Midlands)     Alan Edwards (Cleveland)   Darren Peetoom (Essex)   Kevin Dunstan (Cornwall)  
Jason Lowe (West Midlands)   Peter Hudson (Lancs)   Alex Roy (Hertfordshire)   Chris Hartry (West of England)  
Lady Lisa Astbury (West Midlands)   Kirsty Hutchinson (Co. Durham)     Tina Neylon (Middlesex)   Louise Bayliss (Gloucestershire)   
Boy Adam Paxton (Warwickshire)   Ross Guilder (Cheshire)   Christopher Holt (London)     Luke Durham (West of England)
Girl Grace Angel (West Midlands)   Beau Greaves (Yorks)    Katherine Linnett (Suffolk)   Amy Collins (West of England)

31st July

England Darts Organisation is pleased to announce that the One80 Gladiator 3 dartboard has today been granted official recognition by the World Darts Federation.

One80 are the sponsors of the EDO and we are delighted that all their hard work in producing the board that was used at the England Open and will be used at all EDO events has finally been rewarded.

16th July


The youth teams for the WDF World Cup have been announced and we would like to congratulate the girls of Danielle Ashton and Chelsea Williamson and the boys selected are Chris Gower and Dan Perry.

They will join the senior teams of Lisa Ashton, Claire Ball, Deta Hedman, Fallon Sherrock, Glen Durrant, Jamie Hughes, Mark McGeeney and Scott Mitchell.

10th July

The Boys finished up in fourth place and the girls in sixth. The boys took a bronze in the team event and Dan Perry and Jack Vincent also won a bronze in the boys pairs.

10th July

On day two the girls played their singles, both Chelsea and Danielle came through their groups to reach the last sixteen, Chelsea lost inn the last 16 and Danielle lost in the last 8.

In the boys they played their team event and we are pleased to announce that they won all their games and will be in the semi final on Saturday against Republic of Ireland .


    Singles A Singles B Singles RR A Singles RR B Pairs RR Pairs KO Total
1 Hungary 6 6 6 7 6 30 61
2 Russia 3 10 3 4 4 20 44
3 Netherlands 0 21 5 5 4 6 41
4 Germany 15 0 5 2 5 12 39
5 Denmark 10 0 6 2 5 12 35
6 England 3 6 4 4 4 6 27
7 Czech Republic 3 3 4 3 4 6 23
8 Turkey 3 0 4 4 4 6 21
9 Norway 3 0 4 3 6 0 16
10 Scotland 3 0 5 3 4 0 15
11 Sweden 6 0 3 2 3 0 14
12 Republic of Ireland 0 3 3 3 3 0 12
13 Austria 0 0 3 4 4 0 11
14 Wales 0 0 4 2 3 0 9
15 Belgium 0 0 4 0 4 0 8



    Singles A Singles B Singles C Singles D Pairs A Pairs B Team RR Team KO Total
1 Republic of Ireland   6 6 3 10 6 30 2 60 123
1 Netherlands 21 3 0 15 42 0 2 40 123
3 Germany 6 28 0 10 12 20 3 24 103
4 England 6 3 6 0 12 20 3 24 74
5 Denmark 15 6 3 0 0 6 3 12 45
6 Sweden 10 6 0 3 6 6 5 0 36
7 Wales 0 0 3 10 6 0 2 12 33
8 Scotland 0 3 0 3 0 0 1 12 19
9 Turkey 0 0 3 3 0 12 0 0 18
9 Austria 0 6 0 0 12 0 0 0 18
11 Norway 3 0 0 0 0 6 5 0 14
12 Czech Republic 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 12 13
13 Gibraltar 0 3 0 0 0 6 0 0 9
14 Hungary 0 3 0 0 0 0 5 0 8
14 Belgium 0 3 0 0 0 0 5 0 8


8th July


England are pleased to announce an agreement with Rooms4Groups as their official partners supplying accommodation, to see the full details CLICK HERE

Jean Heywood (EDO) and Maria (Rooms4Groups)

9th July

The England youth teams are in Denmark competing with 15 other Countries in the 2015 Youth Europe Cup.

WDF Europe Cup Youth 2015



Thursday : Girls Pairs, Boys Pairs & Boys Singles

Friday : Girls Singles & Boys Team

Saturday : Finals Day

21st June



We are very pleased to announce that the England Darts Organisation have signed a three year sponsorship deal with One80 darts.

The agreement was signed between David Lewis (One80 Managing Director) and Jean Haywood (EDO Tournament Director) before the start of the stage finals of the England Open. They were joined on stage by Tommy Thompson (EDO Chairman) and the England World Cup teams, who were wearing the new One80 designed England shirt for the first time.

More details will appear in the coming weeks.





Sunday's Stage Finals

Competition   Average Player Result Player Average
Mens England National Singles Open Semi Final   28.82 Jim Williams 6-4 Jason Heaver 29.01
Mens England National Singles Open Semi Final     27.73 Tony O'Shea 5-6 Dennis Harbour 27.92


Ladies England Open Singles Semi Final   23.05 Trina Gulliver 5-2 Lorraine Winstanley    21.81
Ladies England Open Singles Semi Final   23.84 Fallon Sherrock 5-2 Sarah Chick 22.59


Mens England Open Singles Semi Final   30.89 Glen Durrant 6-1 Richard Veenstra 28.32
Mens England Open Singles Semi Final   29.29 Ross Montgomery 5-6 Wesley Harms 29.19


Ladies Pairs Final   22.29 Trish Kidd 0-3 Lisa Ashton 28.90
  Donna Rainsley Trina Gulliver
Mens Pairs Final   27.73 Dennis Harbour 3-2 Ricky Williams 25.33
  Steve Carrett Arron Monk
Girls Youth Final   11.75 Sophie Pinches 0-3 Natasha Eaves 13.54
Boys Youth Final   21.05 Owen Maiden 3-2 Danny Key 19.42
Ladies England National Singles Open Final   20.67 Anca Zijlstra 0-6 Fallon Sherrock 25.47
Mens England National Singles Open Final   28.93 Jim Williams 5-6 Dennis Harbour 26.51
Ladies Singles Final   25.95 Trina Gulliver 3-6 Fallon Sherrock 28.68
Mens Singles Final  


Glen Durrant 5-7 Wesley Harms 33.58


Congratulations to all the 2015 Champions
Ladies Pairs Girls Mens National
Mixed 4's Boys Ladies Open
Mens Pairs Ladies National Mens Open








The 2015 England Open is being played at the outstanding Bunn Leisure Holiday Park in West Sussex from the 19th to 21st June 2015. The weekend will see over 35,000 of prize money up for grabs, making it the richest Open in the BDO system. The England Open also carries the new A+ Category ranking points which will see the respective singles winners taking home 49 points and a winners prize of 5,000 (mens) and 2,000 (ladies).

In a change the 2015 event will also see a second ranked singles event taking place as the England National Singles Open will start the weekend off with the singles events becoming a Category C ranked.




2nd June 2015

The draws for the Ladies and Mens England Open Singles events will be made at Selsey on Thursday 18th June, NO entries will be accepted after the draw is completed.

Entries for the Ladies and Mens England National Singles Open events will be taken up to 4pm on Friday 19th June.

Entries for all the other events can be made during the weekend on site.

Below are all the relevant details for the England Open events, you will see that a Mixed Fours event has been added to the schedule.

There are two other changes from the brochure, these are an increase in the prize money for the Mens Pairs and also the youths will play their event on the Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning, this was done so the youths can also play in the Pairs Events.

21st May 2015

The results and photo's of another very successful Mill Rythe Festival run by the Hampshire Darts Organisation can be seen by clicking on the links below, England Ranking points were awarded for the respective Ladies and Mens Singles.

RESULTS                                                   PHOTO'S

17th May 2015


The latest entries for the England Open have been posted above, if you have entered online please check that your entry has been put on the list.

For those players who have booked a caravan but not done your entries, please be aware that the entry fee will go up on June 1st, to enter just click on the online entry below.

6th May 2015


The England Selectors are pleased to announce that the teams selected to represent England in the WDF World Cup in Turkey are :

Ladies Team   Mens Team
Lisa Ashton (Lancashire)   Glen Durrant (Cleveland)
Claire Ball (Cambridgeshire)        Jamie Hughes (Warwickshire)   
Deta Hedman (Oxfordshire)    Mark McGeeney (Lancashire)
  Fallon Sherrock (Buckinghamshire)      Scott Mitchell (Dorset)


23rd April 2015

21st April 2015

Sunday saw the AGM of the England Darts Organisation held and the member Counties re-elected all the existing board for the forthcoming year, these being : Bernie Crouch, Jean Heywood, Peter Melton, John Peoples, Vic Sexton and Tommy Thompson.

In the vote for the International Team Selectors, Peter Melton, Peter Senior, Dawn Speed and Don Vickers were all re-elected and they will be joined by Neil Pritchard for the first time.

15th April 2015


12th April 2015



e British Internationals (Girls, Boys, Ladies & Mens) played at the Penydarren Social Club in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Friday 10th April
Time Games Results
18.00    England v Scotland (Boys) 3-1
19.15 Wales v Scotland (Girls) 1-1
20.00 England v Wales (Ladies) 6-0
21.45 Wales v England (Boys) 3-1
Saturday 11th April
10.00 Scotland v England (Girls) 1-1
10.45 Scotland v Wales (Boys) 2-2
12.00 England v Scotland (Mens) 6-6
15.30 Scotland v England (Ladies) 0-6
17.15 Scotland v Wales (Mens) 8-4
Sunday 12th April
10.00 England v Wales (Girls) 1-1
10.45 Wales v Scotland (Ladies) 4-2
12.30 Wales v England (Mens) 4-8


  Player England Boys Player Scotland Boys Legs  Won Sets  Won
Set Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 24.24 Chris Gower 17.35 Craig Johnston 3 0 1 0
2 19.38 Jack Vincent 23.48 Liam Mitchell 0 3 0 1
3 20.59 Conner Lovett 15.26 Lewis Plank 3 0 1 0
4 17.03 Dan Perry 15.08 Graeme Hamilton 3 1 1 0
              3 1


Set Player England Ladies Player Wales Ladies  Legs  Won Sets  Won
  Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 25.47 Claire Ball 20.75 Julie Gore 3 0 1 0
2 25.05 Zoe Jones 26.67 Rhian Edwards 3 2 1 0
3 26.89 Lisa Ashton 26.67 Rhian Griffiths 3 1 1 0
4 22.53 Deta Hedman 20.06 Natalie Evans 3 1 1 0
5 20.31 Lorraine Winstanley 18.80 Chris Savvery 3 0 1 0
6 32.67 Fallon Sherrock 20.71 Katie Bellerby 3 0 1 0
              6 0


  Player Wales Boys Player England Boys Legs  Won Sets  Won
Set Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 21.74 Cavan Phillips 25.11 Chris Gower 1 3 0 1
2 18.30 Darren Whelton 19.24 Conner Lovett 3 1 1 0
3 23.23 James Kynaston 21.79 Jack Vincent 3 1 1 0
4 19.78 Keiran Waters 18.55 Dan Perry 3 2 1 0
              3 1

Saturday 11th April

Set Player Scotland Girls Player England Girls  Legs  Won Sets  Won
  Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 11.93 Gayle Maxwell 11.79 Chelsea Williamson 2 3 0 1
2 14.24 Rebecca Graham 13.71 Danille Ashton 3 2 1 0
              1 1


Set Player England Men Player Scotland Men Legs  Won Sets  Won
  Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 25.81 Darren Peetoom 23.28 Craig Robertson 3 4 0 1
2 24.39 Lewes Venes 25.33 Ryan Hogarth 3 4 0 1
3 29.60 Scott Mitchell 23.89 Alan Small 4 1 1 0
4 27.08 Paul Dawkins 28.64 Scott Robertson 2 4 0 1
5 25.81 Paul Hogan 25.05 Alan Soutar 3 4 0 1
6 29.35 Jamie Hughes 25.16 Harry Todman 4 1 1 0
7 28.74 James Hurrell 24.65 Steve Plank 4 2 1 0
8 26.46 Paul Harvey 23.40 Steven Mitchell 4 1 1 0
9 31.79 Mark McGeeney 30.31 Steve Ritchie 4 2 1 0
10 21.30 Martin Atkins 21.78 Neil MacDougall 3 4 0 1
11 27.26 Garry Thompson 28.26 Ross Montgomery 2 4 0 1
12 30.13 Glenn Durrant 25.90 Jim Brown 4 1 1 0
              6 6


Set Player Scotland Ladies Player England Ladies  Legs  Won Sets  Won
  Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 23.82 Louise Hepburn 23.69 Claire Ball 2 3 0 1
2 24.39 Frances Lawson 24.83 Lisa Ashton 2 3 0 1
3 20.83 Susana Young 21.17 Zoe Jones 2 3 0 1
4 20.39 Kate Smith 22.09 Deta Hedman 1 3 0 1
5 22.79 Lynn Cowan 25.47 Lorraine Winstanley 0 3 0 1
6 22.61 Jenni Tully 26.04 Fallon Sherrock 1 3 0 1
              0 6

Sunday 12th April

Set Player England Girls Player Wales Girls  Legs  Won Sets  Won
  Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 12.00 Chelsea Williamson 13.33 Lauren Cain 1 3 0 1
2 13.24 Danielle Ashton 13.18 Kaid Webley 3 1 1 0
              1 1


Set Player Wales Men Player England Men Legs  Won Sets  Won
  Av Name Av Name H A H A
1 31.93 Nick Kenny 30.58 Scott Mitchell 1 4 0 1
2 28.33 David Smith-Hayes 27.92 Mark McGeeney 4 2 1 0
3 27.15 Wayne Warren 29.72 Darren Peetoom 3 4 0 1
4 25.67 Martyn Freeman 27.18 Lewes Venes 4 3 1 0
5 28.75 Jim Williams 33.11 Glen Durrant 3 4 0 1
6 29.94 Tim Jones 29.65 Paul Dawkins 4 1 1 0
7 31.36 Mark Layton 28.04 Martin Atkins 3 4 0 1
8 23.60 Mitch Butler 23.87 Paul Hogan 3 4 0 1
9 25.01 Stephen Cake 24.67 Garry Thompson 1 4 0 1
10 25.70 Martin Phillips 25.74 James Hurrell 1 4 0 1
11 30.70 Dafydd Williams 30.07 Paul Harvey 4 2 1 0
12 27.84 Steve Alker 31.43 Jamie Hughes 1 4 0 1
              4 8


30th March 2015

We are sorry to announce that Dennis Harbour has had to withdraw from the England team at the British Internationals due to leg injury that is expected to keep him away from the oche for two to three weeks.  His replacement will be Glen Durrant who had to pull out himself last week due to work commitments which Glen has now resolved.

24th March 2015

We are pleased to announce that Deta Hedman and Scott Mitchell have accepted the positions of England Captains for this years British Internationals.


23rd March 2015

We were shocked and saddened to hear that Dave Vincent has passed away overnight.

Dave served as an England Selector for several years and also put in a lot of work with his wife Enid at the early EDO events.

He regularly drove around the Country fetching and returning the equipment for England to use at their events, sometimes this would take up a week of his time and showed he was one of the behind the scene stalwarts.

On behalf of all the England players and officials who worked with Dave, we would like to pass on our condolences to Enid and the family at this sad time.

23rd March 2015

The England Selectors were sad to learn today that Glen Durrant will not be available to play for England in the forthcoming British Internationals.

His replacement is Lewes Venes of London who will be making his debut.



20th March 2015

The England Diary Dates page has been updated to include the date of the EDO Annual General Meeting which will be held in Coventry on 19th April.

The regional finals (x4) will be held on 16th August, the venues and entry forms will be issued at the EDO  AGM.

3rd March 2015

The England Open events can now be entered online and a list of all the entered players can also be seen by clicking on the respective links at the top of this page.

The booking form can also be found above, at this moment caravans for the weekend are still available, but history tells us that they will go very quickly so we suggest you book as soon as possible, you will also see there is a chance to make the event into a weeks holiday for just 50 extra.


22nd February 2015



The stories and results from the Six Nations that was played Belfast this weekend can be found on the Six Nations Page, CLICK HERE

The England Ladies finished runners up to Wales whilst the Men took the Championship with an incredible 13-12 win over the Netherlands.

Congratulations also to Glen Durrant who took the Mens Player of the Tournament Award.

19th February 2015

The EDO, it's officials and players thoughts are with Lisa Ashton, whose Father recently passed away.

Lisa will not be travelling in Belfast to represent England in the 2015 Six Nations starting tomorrow, her replacement is Claire Ball who will join up with Deta Hedman and Lorraine Winstanley.

19th February 2015

The Diary Dates page has been updated to include the County Opens of Nottinghamshire, Hampshire and Cambridgeshire, all of which will carry England Ranking points.

18th February 2015

The England Youth teams to play in the British Internationals and the Europe Cup in 2015 are :


Danielle Ashton (Lancashire)   Chelsea Williamson (London)


  Chris Gower (Essex  )     Connor Levett (Sussex)        Daniel Perry (Hampshire)        Jack Vincent (Buckinghamshire)   

16th February 2015

The England teams for the 2015 British Internationals are :                 

Ladies Team

Lisa Ashton   Lancashire
Claire Ball   Cambridgeshire 
Deta Hedman   Oxfordshire
Zoe Jones   Worcestershire
Fallon Sherrock   Buckinghamshire   
Lorraine Winstanley      Yorkshire


Mens Team
Martin Atkins   Yorkshire
Paul Dawkins   Kent
Glen Durrant   Cleveland
Dennis Harbour   Cambridgeshire  
Paul Harvey   Nottinghamshire   
Paul Hogan   Berkshire
Jamie Hughes   Warwickshire
James Hurrell   Worcestershire
Mark McGeeney      Lancashire
Scott Mitchell   Dorset
Darren Peetoom   Essex
Garry Thompson      Yorkshire

We wish all the selected players the very best of luck , especially the new caps (Fallon Sherrock, Paul Dawkins, Paul Harvey, James Hurrell and Darren Peetoom)

19th January 2015

The England teams for the respective Six Nations to be played in Belfast on the 20-22 February are as follows :

Ladies Team   Mens Team
Lisa Ashton - Lancashire   Martin Atkins - Yorkshire
Deta Hedman - Oxfordshire   Glen Durrant - Cleveland
Lorraine Winstanley - Yorkshire   Paul Hogan - Berkshire
    Mark McGeeney - Lancashire
    Scott Mitchell - Dorset

The teams will be trying to defend both the titles that England won in Scotland last year.

11th January 2015


Congratulations to Scott Mitchell on winning his first World title with a 7-6 win over Martin Adams.


Congratulations to Lisa Ashton on retaining the Ladies World Championship with a 3-1 win over Fallon Sherrock.




21st December 2014  

England Darts are happy to announce a re-vamp of their events for the forthcoming year. The England Open in June 2015 already qualifies for the highest BDO Invitational Category A+ Ranking points. This means the Men’s and Ladies champions will receive 49 Points and an increase in the prize fund, with points being awarded to the last 64. The England Open will now include a second Invitational Ranking Points opportunity when the England National Singles Open Men’s and Ladies will be included into the schedule, this event will for the first time carry BDO Invitational points.
The England Classic Open held in September 2015 will also carry the A+ Ranking points as a result in increasing prize monies for both Men’s and Ladies events, alongside a massive increase in Ranking points available, the weekend will be further enhanced as the England Masters Men’s and Ladies Opens will now be included into the schedule. This busy weekend’s events will also feature the 4th England Matchplay, Men’s Ladies and Youth Grand Finals, winners of any of our events in the year automatically qualifies players for these finals, all matches will be streamed live on the Sunday 13th September 2015 commencing 10.00am.   England recognises that the increase in ranking points could make qualification to the Lakeside World Championship within grasp of many more players.
There are negotiations being held to seek TV coverage of both these weekend’s events, however should this not be possible then there is a guarantee of Live Streaming.

16th December 2014  (Funeral details added)

We are very sorry to report that Glenys Nancarrow (Cornwall Darts Organisation Secretary) passed away yesterday aged 82.

Glenys is pictured proudly receiving the B D O Female Personality of the Year award for officials in 2006 from Trina Gulliver.

Glenys took the position of County Secretary when the County was formed in 1973/74 and it was a post she held for over forty years. In the early days she worked alongside Hugh, her late husband. Hugh was also the Cornwall County Chairman

They ran the Holmbush Inn together in St. Austell and after Hugh's death Glenys continued to run the pub and carried on with her work for the C D O continuing through two cataract operations and did all the work by hand, not owning a computer or even a typewriter.

Her last task was compiling the rooming list for Cornwall's next match away to Yorkshire in January, she was taken ill on Sunday 14th and died on Monday 15th.

In the early days of the B I C C Glenys played 15 times for Cornwall and won 10 of those games.

Our thoughts are with all Glenys darting friends and family in Cornwall.

Service and cremation at Penmount Crematorium, Truro Monday 29th December at 1.00pm followed by a service to celebrate Glenys's life at Bethel Chapel, St Austell at 2.00pm, family flowers only, donations in lieu of flowers for Cornwall Hospice Care and the British Heart Foundation.



11th December 2014

The EDO Board are pleased to announce that Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex will be rejoining as members in 2015.

10th December 2014

The Ladies and Mens England Rankings have been updated after the last  County fixtures, the Jersey Festival and the Hampshire Darts Organisation Mill Rythe Autumn Festival and both Lisa Ashton and Glen Durrant will finish 2014 as the top ranked players in England.

The Rankings are used to determine the players for the England Matchplay events to be played during the England Classic at Selsey in 2015. The top ten players are shown below, to see the full list go to the England Ranking tab at the top of the home page

Ladies Rankings   Men Rankings
Lisa Ashton Lancashire 1 Glen Durrant Cleveland
Deta Hedman Oxfordshire 2 Scott Mitchell Dorset
Trina Gulliver Warwickshire 3 Mark McGeeney Lancashire
Zoe Jones Worcestershire 4 Paul Hogan Berkshire
Paula Jacklin Lincolnshire 5 James Wilson Yorkshire
Claire Ball Cambridgeshire    6 Garry Thompson    Yorkshire
Maggie Sutton Middlesex 7 Martin Atkins Yorkshire
Rachael Brooks Yorkshire 8 Jamie Hughes Warwickshire   
Lorraine Winstanley    Yorkshire 9 Sam Hewson Lincolnshire
Casey Gallagher Oxfordshire 10 Gary Stafford Hampshire

11th November 2014


5th November 2014

The Ladies and Mens England Rankings have been updated after last weekends County fixtures, the Rankings are used to determine the players for the England Matchplay events to be played during the England Classic at Selsey in 2015. The top ten players are shown below, to see the full list go to the England Ranking tab at the top of the home page

Ladies Rankings   Men Rankings
Lisa Ashton Lancashire 1 Glen Durrant Cleveland
Deta Hedman Oxfordshire 2 Scott Mitchell Dorset
Trina Gulliver Warwickshire 3 Mark McGeeney Lancashire
Zoe Jones Worcestershire 4 James Wilson Yorkshire
Paula Jacklin Lincolnshire 5 Paul Hogan Berkshire
Claire Ball Cambridgeshire    6 Garry Thompson    Yorkshire
Maggie Sutton Middlesex 7 Martin Atkins Yorkshire
Rachael Brooks Yorkshire 8 Jamie Hughes Warwickshire   
Lorraine Winstanley    Yorkshire 9 Sam Hewson Lincolnshire
Casey Gallagher Oxfordshire 10 Robbie Green Merseyside

The next event to receive Ranking points is the Hampshire Darts Organisation's Autumn Darts Festival at Mill Rythe this coming weekend.

27th September 2014 - EUROPE CUP  - Bucharest, Romania


Finals Day

It has been a fantastic day for the England teams at the Europe Cup as both teams have won their respective overall titles, it is the 10th overall title for the ladies and 13th overall title for the men. The Ladies team became the first ever winners of the team title (previously there had only been pairs and singles). Scott Waites & Scott Mitchell took the mens pairs title with a 6-5 win over team mates Glen Durrant & James Wilson and Deta Hedman came runner up to Anastasia Dobromyslova in the singes and the Men were runners up in the team event.



Ladies Singles Final

Ladies Final   Deta Hedman       Anastasia Dobromyslova    


Mens Pairs

  Glen Durrant & James Wilson       Scott Waites & Scott Mitchell      
Last 64 Larsson/Engstrom (SWE) 4-2   Last 64 Chmielewski/Strozyk (POL)     4-2
Last 32 Gansen/Relher (GER) 4-1   Last 32 Knudsen/Halsvik (NOR)     4-3
Last 16 VavEngdom/Desreumaux (BEL) 4-0   Last 16 Grace/Concannon (IRE)     4-3
Last 8 McGarry/Copeland  (NIR) 4-3   Last 8 Kantele/Viljanen (FIN)     4-1
S/Finals   Montgomery/Souter 5-3   S/Finals   Pantelides/Portokalis     5-0
Final Glen Durrant & James Wilson     Final Scott Waites & Scott Mitchell      




Aileen de Graaf 1-0 Lisa Ashton
Anneke Kuijten 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Sharon Prins 1-0 Deta Hedman
Tamara Schuur 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Anneke Kuijten 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Aileen de Graaf 0-1 Deta Hedman
Tamara Schuur 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Sharon Prins 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Tamara Schuur 0-1 Deta Hedman
Aileen de Graaf 1-0 Trina Gulliver
Anneke Kuijten 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Sharon Prins 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Aileen de Graaf   Lorraine Winstanley
Anneke Kuijten   Deta Hedman
Sharon Prins   Trina Gulliver
Tamara Schuur   Lisa Ashton
England   Wales
James Wilson 1-0 Jonny Clayton
Scott Waites 1-0 Wayne Warren
Scott Mitchell 1-0 David Smith-Hayes
Glen Durrant 0-1 Martin Phillips
Scott Waites 0-1 Johnny Clayton
James Wilson 0-1 David Smith-Hayes
Glen Durrant 1-0 Wayne Warren
Scott Mitchell 0-1 Martin Phillips
Glen Durrant 1-0 David Smith-Hayes
James Wilson 0-1 Wayne Warren
Scott Waites 1-0 Martin Philips
Scott Mitchell 0-1 Jonny Clayton
James Wilson 0-1 Martin Phillps
Scott Waites 0-1 David Smith-Hayes
Scott Mitchell 1-0 Wayne Warren
Glen Durrant 0-1 Jonny Clayton


Day Three

A reasonable morning as only Scott Waites has exited at this stage, next games are 12.45 (UK Time).

  Lisa Ashton   Trina Gulliver   Deta Hedman   Lorraine Winstanley  
Last 128 Bye   Rachna David (NOR)    4-1 Veronica Skeffington (IRE)   4-0 Bye  
Last 64 Rhian Griffths (WAL)    3-4 Marletta Chatxh (GRE) 4-0 Berit Schouw DEN) 4-0 Michelle Sossong (GER)    4-0
Last 32   Louise Hepburn (SCO) 2-4 Frances Lawson (SCO) 4-0 Glada Croft (ITA) 4-0
Last 16   Sharon Prins (NED) 1-4 Aileen de Graaf (NED) 4-3
Last 8 Ramona M Eriksen (NOR) 5-0 Carole Frison (FRA) 5-0
S/Final Lorraine Winstanley 6-4 Deta Hedman 4-6
Final Anastasia Dobromyslova    


  Glen Durrant   Scott Mitchell   Scott Waites   James Wilson  
Last 128 Bye   Nathan Le Bailly (JER) 4-0 Jason Cullen (IRE)   0-4 Salvatore Mantarro (ITA)   4-0
Last 64 Brian Buur (DEN)   4-1 Marco Apollonio (ITA) 4-0   Jonny Clayton (WAL) 4-0
Last 32 Kim Viljanen (FIN)   4-0 Michal Ondo (CZE) 1-4 David Concannon (IRE) 0-4
Last 16 Sean McGowan (IRE)   4-2    
Last 8 David Smith-Hayes 2-5



We start the third day of the Europe Cup top of both of the overall points tables.

Ladies   Mens
England 83   England 103
Netherlands    75   Wales 50
Germany 47   Northern Ireland    46
Denmark 39   Scotland 38
Sweden 33   Netherlands 38

Day Two

Another great day for all the players, both Ladies pairs reached the semi finals of the pairs and despite losing at that stage they went on to reach the final of the team event where they will face Holland on Saturday. The men will also play in the team final on Saturday when they will take on Wales.

Friday will see all eight players take part in the respective singles events, which start at 8am (UK Time).

        Finland   England
Sari Nikuia 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Kaisu Rekinen 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Maret Liiri 0-1 Deta Hedman
Kirsi Viinikainen 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Kaisu Rekinen 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Sari Nikuia 0-1 Deta Hedman
Kirsi Viinikainen 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Maret Liiri 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Kirsi Viinikainen 0-1 Deta Hedman
Northern Ireland   England
Colin McGarry 1-0 Scott Waites
Barry Copland 0-1 James Wilson
Gary Elliott 0-1 Glen Durrant
Kevin Burness 1-0 Scott Mitchell
Barry Copland 0-1 Scott Waites
Colin McGarry 1-0 Glen Durrant
Kevin Burness 1-0 James Wilson
Gary Elliott 0-1 Scott Mitchell
Kevin Burness 0-1 Glen Durrant
Colin McGarry 0-1 James Wilson
Barry Copland 1-0 Scott Mitchell
Gary Elliott 0-1 Scott Waites
Colin McGarry 0-1 Scott Mitchell
Barry Copland 0-1 Glen Durrant



Czech Republic

Lenka Drtilova 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Karolina Farna 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Jana Kanovska 1-0 Deta Hedman
Hana Belobradkova 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Karolina Farna 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Lenka Drtilova 1-0 Deta Hedman
Hana Belobradkova 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Jana Kanovska 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Hana Belobradkova 0-1 Deta Hedman
Lenka Drtilova 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Karolina Farna 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Germany   England
Frank Gansen 0-1 Scott Waites
Alexander Reiher 0-1 James Wilson
Robert Allenstein 0-1 Glen Durrant
Daniel Zygla 0-1 Scott Mitchell
Alexander Reiher 1-0 Scott Waites
Frank Gansen 0-1 Glen Durrant
Daniel Zygla 1-0 James Wilson
Robert Allenstein 1-0 Scott Mitchell
Daniel Zygla 0-1 Glen Durrant
Frank Gansen 1-0 James Wilson
Alexander Reiher 0-1 Scott Mitchell
Robert Allenstein 0-1 Scott Waites
Frank Gansen 1-0 Scott Mitchell
Alexander Reiher 0-1 Glen Durrant



Ladies Pairs

  Deta Hedman & Lorraine Winstanley          Lisa Ashton & Trina Gulliver      
Last 64 Kanovaska/Belobradkova (CZE) 4-0   Last 64 Bye      
Last 32 David/Bite (NOR) 4-0   Last 32 Honore/Schweitzer (DEN) 4-0    
Last 16 Dobromyslova/Shershukova (RUS) 4-1   Last 16 Rosenblom/Nilsson (SWE) 4-0    
Last 8 Larsen/Johnsen (DEN) 4-0   Last 8 Crane/Mullan (NIR) 4-0    
Last 4 de Graaf/Kuijen (NL) 3-5   Last 4 Armstrong/Willcomm (GER) 3-5    


Group Game
    Luxembourg   1 England
Steven Miles 1-0   Scott Waites
Tom Burguel 0-1   James Wilson
Mingo Claudiano 0-1   Glen Durrant
Roland Weis 0-1   Scott Mitchell
Tom Burguel 0-1   Scott Waites
Steven Miles 0-1   Glen Durrant
Roland Weis 0-1   James Wilson
Mingo Claudiano 0-1   Scott Mitchell
Roland Weis 0-1   Glen Durrant
Steven Miles 0-1   James Wilson
Group Game
England     Austria
James Wilson 1-0   Peter Nigitz
Scott Waites 1-0   Felix Losan
Scott Mitchell 1-0   Johan Schnicer
Glen Durrant 1-0   Christoph kleindinst
Scott Waites 1-0   Peter Nigitz
James Wilson 0-1   Johan Schnicer
Glen Durrant 1-0   Felix Losan
Scott Mitchell 1-0   Christoph kleindinst
Glen Durrant 1-0   Johan Schnicer
James Wilson 0-1   Felix Losan
Scott Waites 1-0   Christoph kleindinst
Last 16 Game
    Poland   1 England
Krzysztof Chmielewski 1-0   Scott Waites
Krzysztof Stozyk 0-1   James Wilson
Bartosz Wieczorek 1-0   Glen Durrant
Poitr Lega 0-1   Scott Mitchell
Krzysztof Stozyk 0-1   Scott Waites
Krzysztof Chmielewski 0-1   Glen Durrant
Poitr Lega 0-1   James Wilson
Bartosz Wieczorek 0-1   Scott Mitchell
Poitr Lega 0-1   Glen Durrant
Krzysztof Chmielewski 0-1   James Wilson
Krzysztof Stozyk 0-1   Scott Waites



Day One

It has been a great day for England as the mens pairings of Scott Waites & Scott Mitchell and Glen Durrant & James Wilson have reached the final of the Mens Pairs event to be played on Saturday ensuring maximum points for the team.

The Ladies won their group without losing a leg and then beat Russia 9-4 in the last sixteen to qualify for the quarter finals, that will be played Thursday.

Thursday will also see the Ladies play their pairs event, whilst the men play their team event.

Group Game
            Greece   England
Polita Varouxi 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Evi Nakka 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Yiota Sfakioti 0-1 Deta Hedman
Marietta Chatxh 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Evi Nakka 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Evi Nakka 0-1 Deta Hedman
Marietta Chatxh 0-1 Trina Gulliver
Yiota Sfakioti 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Marietta Chatxh 0-1 Deta Hedman
Group Game
England   Poland
Trina Gulliver 1-0 Aleksandra Grzesik
Lisa Ashton 1-0 Jolanta Rzepka
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Renata Slowikowska
Deta Hedman 1-0 Joanna Kubowicz
Lisa Ashton 1-0 Aleksandra Grzesik
Trina Gulliver 1-0 Renata Slowikowska
Deta Hedman 1-0 Jolanta Rzepka
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Joanna Kubowicz
Deta Hedman 1-0 Renata Slowikowska
Last 16  Game
England   Russia
Trina Gulliver 1-0 Tatiana Volokhina
Lisa Ashton 0-1 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Lidila Koltsova
Deta Hedman 1-0 Marina Shershukova
Lisa Ashton 1-0 Tatiana Volokhina
Trina Gulliver 1-0 Lidila Koltsova
Deta Hedman 0-1 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Marina Shershukova
Deta Hedman 1-0 Lidila Koltsova
Trina Gulliver 0-1 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Lisa Ashton 0-1 Marina Shershukova
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Tatiana Volokhina
Trina Gulliver 1-0 Marina Shershukova

Europe Cup 2014 - Team England

18th September 2014

We are very sad to hear that Bill Calladine and Fred Page have recently passed away. Bill represented Norfolk as a player and an official and was for a short time a BDO Board member, whilst Fred was a long time official with Northumberland. Our condolences go out to all their family and friends at this sad time.

Ladies Singles   Results
Mens Singles Results
Ladies Pairs Results
Mens Pairs Results
Boys Singles Results
Mixed Fours Results


Girls Champion - Natasha Eaves

Boys Champion - George Cressey Ladies Champion - Anastasia Dobromyslova   Mens Champion - Mark McGeeney


Ladies Pairs Champion

Zoe Jones & Claire Ball

Mens Pairs Champion

Martin Atkins & Glen Durrant


 England Classic 2014
 Ladies Semi Finals
Deta Hedman 25.72 4-3 23.33 Brenda Dyer
Dee Bateman 23.97 0-4 29.91 Anastasia Dobromyslova
   Mens Semi Finals
Mark McGeeney   30.31 5-3 28.59 Paul Hogan
Martin Stead 24.69 2-5 28.65 Wesley Harms
   Girls Final
Natasha Eaves 16.34 3-0 16.45 Danielle Ashton
   Boys Final
George Cressey    24.69 3-1 20.00 Mark Connolly
   Ladies Pairs Final
Lorraine Winstanley &

Anastasia Dobromyslova 

23.86 2-3 22.85 Zoe Jones & Claire Ball
   Mens Pairs Final
Jim Williams & Paul Jennings 25.69 2-3 29.23 Martin Atkins & Glen Durrant
   Ladies Final
Deta Hedman 25.14 2-4 25.98 Anastasia Dobromyslova
   Mens Final
Mark McGeeney 30.05 6-2 28.93 Wesley Harms



Sunday's Live streaming will start at 10.00am with all the England Matchplay games, followed by the finals of the England Classic events, to see the stream CLICK HERE



Girls Champion - Casey Gallagher

Boys Champion - Josh McCarthy Ladies Champion - Zoe Jones Mens Champion - Scott Mitchell


Girls Matchplay Results
Boys Matchplay Results
Ladies Matchplay Results
Mens Matchplay Results



Winmau England Matchplay
Ladies Quarter Finals
Deta Hedman 27.09 2-4 29.24 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Zoe Jones 30.36 4-0 22.54 Maggie Sutton
Trina Gulliver 23.32 4-3 21.00 Paula Jacklin
Lisa Ashton 24.03 1-4 25.28 Claire Ball
Mens Quarter Finals
Glen Durrant 29.40 3-4 28.62 Garry Thompson
Martin Atkins 27.60 1-4 29.08 Steve Carrett
James Wilson 27.83 2-4 27.33 Gary Robson
Scott Mitchell 29.54 4-2 26.83 Wesley Harms
Ladies Semi Finals
Anastasia Dobromyslova 29.64 4-5 27.46 Zoe Jones
Trina Gulliver 24.27 5-2 21.86 Claire Ball
Mens Semi Finals
Garry Thompson 27.34 5-4 24.04 Steve Carrett
Gary Robson 31.77 3-5 31.39 Scott Mitchell
Girls Final
Natasha Eaves 16.26 1-3 17.39 Casey Gallagher
Boys Final
Nathan Street 22.20 2-3 24.01 Josh McCarthy
Ladies Final
Zoe Jones 25.36 6-1 23.63 Trina Gulliver
Mens Final
Garry Thompson 28.57 1-6 30.27 Scott Mitchell



Sunday's Live streaming will start at 10.00am with all the England Matchplay games, followed by the finals of the England Classic events, to see the stream CLICK HERE


Early Bird  Click for Results

Jamie Hughes Early Bird Winner

Cash Competition - Winner : Mark Blandford

27th August -  WDF EUROPE CUP

 The draws for the 2014 Europe Cups to be played in Bucharest, Romania from the 23rd - 27th September  can now be seen by clicking the links below.

2014 Europe Cup 23rd - 27th September
England Mens Team Group    England Ladies Team Group   
Mens Singles Ladies Singles
Mens Pairs Ladies Pairs

Click on the respective event above to see the draws

England Teams

Glen Durrant   Lisa Ashton
Scott Mitchell   Trina Gulliver
Scott Waites   Deta Hedman
James Wilson   Lorraine Winstanley



 A list of players that are registered as youth members can now be found on the Youth Page, CLICK HERE

England Youth Membership                         CLICK HERE for details
England Under 18's Youth Membership This membership will ensure that the EDO have the necessary details of an individual youth player to be included in the youth ranking tables and all important communications regarding youth tournaments and points allocation.

It is essential that England Darts are able to create their own records for all youth dart players that wish to be considered for the Youth Ranking system and potential selection for the international youth team.
Youth dart players can no longer assume information will be sent on their behalf, it is your responsibility to make sure England have all the details necessary.

1 Membership

Click Here To Join



The final results and points of the Europe Cup can be found by CLICKING HERE


The England teams for the Europe Cup to be played in Romania from the 24th - 27th September are :

Ladies   Mens
Lisa Ashton   Glen Durrant
Trina Gulliver   Scott Mitchell
Deta Hedman   Scott Waites
Lorraine Winstanley      James Wilson   


The England Youth teams are off to Vienna for the Europe Cup. Good luck to them as they compete with the other 13 Countries, we will bring you updates throughout the event.

Girls   Boys
Danielle Ashton   Connor Levett
Casey Gallagher      Josh McCarthy    
    Jordan Singh
     Nathan Street   


Casey Gallagher

Callan Rydz Lisa Ashton & Trina Gulliver

Anastasia Dobromyslova

Hull Arena 2014

Gary Robson
Ladies Pairs Results

Mens Pairs Results

Ladies Singles Results

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England Masters
Ladies Pairs
Lisa Ashton & Trina Gulliver       3-2  

Zoe Jones & Claire Ball  

Mens Pairs Final
Robbie Green & Alan Norris     3-0  

Micky Stocks & Gareth Watts  

Girls Final
Casey Gallagher     2-1  

Danielle Ashton

Boys Final
Connor Levett     2-3  

Callan Rydz

Ladies Final
Deta Hedman 26.38   3-4    25.83

Anastasia Dobromyslova

Mens Final
Glen Durrant 26.75   3-7 30.05

Gary Robson



Congratulations to all the winners

         Click on links below to see the draws and updated results         
 Mens Singles     Girls Singles      Ladies Singles     Boys Singles
Steve Carrett   Casey Gallagher   Anastasia Dobromyslova   George Cressey


England National Singles
Mens Quarter Finals
Paul Marsh Essex) 23.29   2-5  25.98   Paul Hogan (Berkshire)   
George Killington (London)   24.66 5-3 24.08 Thomas Chant (Dorset)
Steve Carrett (Cambridgeshire)     27.01 5-2 25.50 Jamie Ellam (Humberside)  
Gary Stafford (Hampshire) 28.29 0-5 30.93 Dennis Harbour (Cambridgeshire)   
Ladies Semi Finals
Anastasia Dobromyslova (Cheshire)     27.38 4-3 27.58 Zoe Jones (Worcestershire)
Lorraine Winstanley (Yorkshire) 24.35 4-2 26.99 Lisa Ashton (Lancashire)
Girls Final
Casey Gallagher (Sussex) 19.26 3-1 18.78 Josie Paterson (Yorkshire)
Mens Semi Finals
Paul Hogan (Berkshire)  28.72 5-6 26.92 George Killington (London)  
Steve Carrett (Cambridgeshire)  29.17 6-1 26.49 Dennis Harbour (Cambridgeshire)
Ladies Final
Anastasia Dobromyslova (Cheshire) 24.33 4-3 25.03 Lorraine Winstanley (Yorkshire)
Mens Final
George Killington (London)   24.97 6-7 27.00 Steve Carrett (Cambridgeshire) 


The England Masters weekend started off with just over 50 players playing in the Friday Night Cash Event. The eventual winner was Mark McGeeney (Lancashire) who beat Paul Marsh (Essex) 4-3 in the final.

2014 England Masters

  at The Arena, West Park, Walton Street, Anlaby Road, Hull.    

 on July 12-13

13th July England Masters Pairs Ladies & Mens Reg 09.30 Start 10.30
13th July England Masters Singles Youths, Ladies & Mens Reg 11.00 Start 12.30
To see the entry details including entry fees/prize monies      CLICK HERE

22nd June -  ENGLAND OPEN

Congratulations to all the winners (see below for details) of the 2014 England that finished with wins in the singles for Billy Holmes (youth), Anastasia Dobromyslova (ladies) and Wesley Harms (mens).

Sunday's Final Day Matches On Eurosport
  Average   Average Result Winners
Mens Pairs Final     27.24 Nick Kenny & Dean Reynolds (Wales) v

 Wesley Harms & Jeffrey de Graaf    

28.35 2-3
Ladies Pairs Final 20.30 Paula Jacklin (Lincs) & Sue Gulliver (Warks) v

Lorraine Winstanley (Yorks) & Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)   

21.57 1-3
Youth Final 22.44 Kieran Smith (Gloucestershire) v Billy Holmes (West Midlands) 26.84 0-3
Mens Quarter Final 27.45 Wesley Harms (Netherlands) v Wayne Warren (Wales) 25.42 4-0  
Mens Quarter Final 28.21 Martin Stead (Hampshire) v Jamie Hughes (Warwickshire) 27.65 2-4  
Mens Quarter Final 29.22 Scott Mitchell (Dorset) v Paul Hogan (Berkshire) 30.26 4-2  
Mens Quarter Final 35.16 Glen Durrant (Cleveland) v Nigel Lamb (Dorset) 28.32 4-0  
Ladies Semi Finals 26.72 Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands) v Trina Gulliver (Warwickshire) 23.59 4-0  
Ladies Semi Finals 22.08 Claire Ball (Cambridgeshire) v Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)    24.60 2-4  
Mens Semi Final 28.99 Wesley Harms v Jamie Hughes 29.34 6-3  
Mens Semi Final 28.25 Scott Mitchell v Glen Durrant 27.39 6-3  
Ladies Singles Final 27.43 Aileen de Graaf v Anastasia Dobromyslova 30.01 3-4
Mens Singles Final 32.52 Wesley Harms v Scott Mitchell 30.47 7-2

CLICK HERE for more details on all the events from the England Open.


 Sunday will see the last  eight of the Mens Singles, the last four of the Ladies Singles and the Youth Final will all be shown live on Eurosport at 5pm.


The up to date England Youth Rankings have been used to determine the eight seeds for the youth singles, they are :

Youth Seeds 1 - 8
1.  Kallum Graham    2. Connor Levett    3.  Nathan Street 4.  Tommy Sykes   
5  Lewis Gurney 6. Josh McCarthy 7.  Ryan Hoggarth    8.  Jordan Singh


The Ladies and Mens Singles Draws are now online, click the links to see the draws           LADIES DRAW               MENS DRAW

In the Mens Singles Willem Mandigers, who was seeded 28 has withdrawn, so all the players below have been moved up one place and Gary Stafford becomes the new number 32 seed.

The match times and board numbers will be added at a later time.


The Ladies and Mens singles entry is now closed.  A  alphabetically list will be posted asap (postal entries will be taken today) so everyone can check that their name is on the list and then the draw will be made and posted here.  Entries for all the other events can still be made online.


The EDO would like to clarify that entry for the Youth events is open to all youth players under the age of 18. After some confusion regarding youth players who play in PDC Youth events the BDO have confirmed that the only thing that will stop them entering is if they have signed a contract with the PDC.

The winner of the youth event will also qualify for the new England Youth Matchplay as well as getting a place in the finals of the Winmau World Masters.

7th June -  ENGLAND OPEN

The EDO would like to remind all the youth players that their singles competition will be played on Saturday night and not on Sunday as originally planned, this will allow the youths to play in all the events over the weekend, We would also like to reiterate that youth players can gain a free pass to  Bunn Leisure for the event if they enter online.

There is now just one week to enter the respective singles events and as you can see above the mens entry is restricted to 512 players and as of today there are only 57 places left, so enter today (see link above) so you don't miss out.

Below are the seeded players for the England Open Singles events. They are the players that had entered by June 1st based on the BDO Rankings, where players were level on points in the BDO Rankings the WDF Rankings were used to determine who was placed highest. The seedings have been adjusted following an update to the BDO Rankings, the changes see Jamie Hughes & Geert de Vos and Garry Thompson & Jim Williams exchange respective positions.

Ladies Seeds 1-16
1. Deta Hedman 2. Anastasia Dobromyslova   3. Rachel Brooks 4. Trina Gulliver
5. Fallon Sherrock 6. Irina Armstrong 7. Lorraine Winstanley   8. Lisa Ashton
9. Aileen de Graaf   10. Zoe Jones 11. Paula Jacklin 12. Anneke Kuijten  
13. Casey Gallagher   14. Sue Gulliver 15. Dee Bateman 16. Tricia Wright
Mens Seeds 1-32
1. James Wilson 2. Robbie Green 3. Scott Mitchell 4. Jeffrey de Graaf
5. Ross Montgomery    6. Gary Robson 7. Remco van Eijden 8. Rick Hofstra
9. Jan Dekker 10. Glen Durrant 11. Scott Waites 12. Alan Norris
13. Jamie Hughes 14. Geert de Vos 15. Darryl Fitton 16. Tony O'Shea
17. Wesley Harms 18. Paul Jennings 19. Sam Head 20. Garry Thompson
21. Jim Williams 22. Michel van der Horst 23. Martin Atkins (Yorks)   24. Richie George
25. Dave Smith 26. Pip Blackwell 27. James Hurrell 28. Willem Mandigers   
29. Sam Hewson 30. Jimmy Hendriks 31. Mark Oosterhuis 32. Tony Martin

There are a few caravans still available (gold, silver and bronze grades), to book one of these and be on site for the best paid Open in the world call 01243 606080 and quote DARTS.

A full list of the BDO seeded players that has been used can be seen CLICK HERE

The EDO Board are pleased to announce that any youth player who enters the England Open Youth events but is not resident at Bunn Leisure (Caravans still available) will be given free pass onto the site on production of their entry receipt. The youth events have been moved to the Saturday evening so that the youth players can also play in the respective pairs events on Sunday.

The EDO would like to remind all players that the entry fees for the England Open will increase on June 1st, the Ladies will increase from 12 to 15 and the Mens will increase from 18 to 25 for the respective singles.

June 1st is also the cut off for players that are likely to be seeded for the BDO Category Ranked A singles events, they will still be able to enter after June 1st but will not be seeded.


The EDO Board of Directors are very pleased to confirm that for the first time in their seven year history, that they have secured live coverage of the 2014 England Open Finals day on Sunday 22nd June on Eurosport. They are delighted that as well as the last eight in the Mens Singles event, the final four in the Ladies Singles will also be shown and they are particularly pleased that the Youth event finals will also be shown.

For more details on how to enter/book accommodation at Bunn Leisure click on the links above.


The weekend saw Hampshire Darts Organisation stage another great weekend of darts at the Mill Rythe Holiday Centre. The winners of the EDO ranked singles events were Laura Turner and Paul Hogan, to see all the results CLICK HERE


3rd May BDO Ranked Denmark Events Streamed

The Denmark Opens won by Deta Hedman and Alan Norris were streamed today as will the Denmark Masters tomorrow. To see the action CLICK HERE



18th April -  Hampshire Open

The winner of the Hampshire Open was England International, Paul Hogan CLICK HERE to see the draw sheets

(sponsored by Stubbington Ark Animal Shelter)

13th April -  ENGLAND AGM

The EDO held their AGM today and all the Directors and Selectors were re-elected, the votes were as follows :

Bernie Crouch 27   Peter Melton 26
Jean Haywood 26   Peter Senior 26
Peter Melton 26   Dawn Speed    26
John Peoples 26   Don Vickers 27
Vic Sexton 26      
Tommy Thompson   25      

Unfortunately only thirty two of the Counties rejoined, as Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cumbria, Hertfordshire, Merseyside, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Wiltshire decided not to renew their membership.

Sadly the players of the Counties who are no longer members of the EDO will not be available for International Selection or to play in the Winmau World Masters England Play-Offs or the England National Singles.

However the EDO Directors proposed to the meeting that the senior players from the eleven Counties can join the EDO as an Individual Member on an Interim basis. The Individual Membership fee was set at 75 per player and this will entitle players to play in the England Winmau World Masters Regional qualifiers and a direct entry into the final of the England National Singles Finals in Hull.

A statement regarding the implications for youth players will be announced shortly.

Issued by the EDO Directors on 13/04/2014

11th April -  PHOTOS

More photos from the British Internationals have now been added CLICK HERE to see them.


Both the the youth and senior England appearances have been updated following the weekends matches. Click here for YOUTHS & SENIORS


England recorded a clean sweep in the British Internationals as the girls, boys, ladies and mens teams all took their respective titles .

It was a fantastic weekend of darts but one that will hopefully be remembered in the memory of Bryan Whyte.

More photo's have been added. To see all the results and averages CLICK HERE.


Girl Of Tournament Boy Of Tournament Lady Of Tournament Man Of Tournament
Casey Gallagher (England) Connor Levett (England) Rhian Edwards (Wales) Glen Durrant (England)
Featuring the Youths and Senior Teams from England, Scotland and Wales

  2014 British Internationals   

Hosted by EDO

4-6 April 2014

  The Venue, Halifax, Yorkshire


Watch every match Live


Click on the TV


I am very sorry to announce that Fallon Sherrock has had to withdraw from this weekends British Internationals due to an illness that has left her in hospital. On behalf of everyone involved with the England team I would like to wish Fallon a speedy recovery.
I am very pleased that Zoe Jones has accepted a place in the team as a replacement for Fallon and I wish her the very best of luck in what will be her International debut.
Peter Melton - Team Manager


There has been a slight change in the order for Saturday, the schedule for this weekends British Internationals is now :

Friday 4th April Schedule
19.00 Boys Wales v Scotland
20.00 Girls England v Scotland
20.40 Ladies England v Scotland
22.10 Boys    Scotland v England    
Saturday 5th April Schedule
10.00 Girls Scotland v Wales
10.40 Boys England v Wales
11.40 Mens Wales v Scotland
   15.40        Ladies     Scotland v Wales
17.15 Mens England v Wales
Sunday 6th April Schedule
10.15 Girls Wales v England
11.00 Ladies Wales v England
13.00 Mens Scotland v England

There are a few tickets still remaining CLICK HERE to buy them, if there are any left over they will be available on the door, but don't miss out on a fantastic weekend of International darts.


The EDO are pleased to announce that after negotiations to acquire sponsorship, Hull Arena will be hosting the 2014 England Masters event from the 11th to 13th July 2014. The Arena will also host the England National Singles and the Northern Area Play-Offs for the Winmau World Masters.

Friday 11th July Cash Competition 8pm
Saturday 12th July Northern Area Winmau  Play-Offs   Reg 10.00          Start 10.30
Saturday 12th July England National Singles (Youths, Ladies & Mens)   Reg 13.00          Start 14.00
Sunday 13th July England Masters Mens Singles Reg 09.00          Start 10.00
Sunday 13th July England Masters Ladies Singles Reg 10.00          Start 11.00
Sunday 13th July England Masters Youth Singles TBC
Sunday 13th July England Masters Ladies & Mens Pairs Approx 14.00

All players will get free entry into venue, however The Arena will charge spectators 5.

There are several hotels in the area and we hope to post a list of them on here in the near future.


15th March-  Hampshire Darts Organisation Events

CLICK HERE for details of the Hampshire Open on 12th April        CLICK HERE for details of the Hampshire Mill Rythe Festival from 16th - 18th May

4th March-  Bryan Whyte RIP

We were very sorry to hear that Bryan Whyte has been killed in a car accident last week. Bryan had just been selected to make his debut for Scotland in the British Internationals. Our thoughts are with his family , friends and team mates.

23rd February -  2014 SIX NATIONS

The men had a good 18 -7 win over the Republic of Ireland before losing 12 -3 to Scotland, however they still topped their group and face Northern Ireland in the semi final.

England Ladies beat Scotland 7-2 but lost 3-6 to Wales to finish runners up in the group and earn a semi final place on Sunday against the Netherlands.

Foe the Six Nations Page  CLICK HERE

The 2014 Six Nations will be played over the 21 - 23 February at the Glenrothes Social Club, Scotland. Fridays matches will be streamed whilst Saturday and Sundays matches will be shown on Eurosport, see below

Sunday 23rd – Live between 13h00 – 16h00 on Eurosport
Live between 16h00 – 18h30 (end of play) on Eurosport International

The teams selected are :

England Netherlands Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland Scotland Wales
Lisa Ashton Rilana Erades Grace Crane Caroline Breen Lynn Cowan Rhian Edwards
Trina Gulliver   Karin Krappen Charlene Kane Catherine Fleming Louise Hepburn Julie Gore
Deta Hedman Tamara Schuur Kelly McGivern Olive McIntyre Frances Lawson Rhian Griffiths
  Anca Zijlstra   Veronica Skeffington   Jenni Tully  
Glen Durrant Jan Dekker Kevin Burness David Concannon Craig Baxter Jonny Clayton
Scott Mitchell Jeffrey de Graaf   John Elder Jason Cullen Cameron Menzies Mark Layton
Tony O'Shea Wesley Harms Gary Elliott Benny Grace Ross Montgomery   Martin Phillips
Scott Waites Rick Hofstra Roy Montgomery   Garrett Grey Steve Ritchie David Smith-Hayes  
James Wilson   Danny Hoppert Geoff Wylie Sean McGowan Alan Soutar Wayne Warren
      Michael Meaney Harry Todman  


The entry form for the 2014 can now be found, CLICK HERE More details will be posted soon.


The England Youth teams to play in the British Internationals have been announced and the EDO wish all selected players the very best of luck.

Girls Team
Danielle Ashton   Lancashire   
Casey Gallagher      Sussex
Boys Team
Connor Levett   Sussex
Josh McCarthy   Wiltshire
Jordan Singh   West Midlands   
Nathan Street   Hampshire

26th January -  EDO Announce New Youth Sponsorship

England Darts would like to announce that they have signed an agreement with Darts180 world for sponsorship of the England Youth Rankings and a brand new England Youth Matchplay Championship which will run alongside the Mens & Ladies Matchplay introduced two years ago at Selsey. We are thrilled that Rob Dempsey of Darts180world shares the dream of improving Youth darts within England along with the EDO.

Tommy Thompson

Chairman - England Darts Organisation

Congratulations to Lorraine and Dean Winstanley who got married yesterday, all at the EDO wish you both the best of luck in the future.


The EDO Selectors are pleased to announce that Steve Johnson (Essex) has accepted the final place in the England team. in place of Stephen Bunting, at the British Internationals to be played in Yorkshire in April.

Steve will make his debut over the weekend, more details about the British Internationals will be available shortly.


England Ladies Captain Trina Gulliver received her MBE today at Buckingham Palace. Congratulations Trina from everyone at the EDO


Following the announcement today that Stephen Bunting is to play his darts within the PDC system the EDO would like to wish Stephen the very best of luck in his future darting career. Stephen has proudly represented England at all levels of International darts as well as being very successful in EDO events.
He has been a credit to himself and his family and we are sad to see him leave, however we now have to look to the future and we are very pleased to announce that Scott Mitchell will replace Stephen in the Six Nations event next month.

Statement from EDO Board of Directors 22.01.14

Whilst at the Lakeside in January, it became evident a confidential letter concerning International selection sent from the EDO Board of Directors to the EDO Selection panel had become common knowledge. This caused major problems for one of our Directors and his party.  

This constituted a breach of trust of this letter and the discussions which were held in the selection process; the person concerned is no longer part of the selection committee. 

As a result of this breach of confidence, the EDO Board feels they have no alternative, but to make this public statement.

The Directors of England Darts have the right to include or exclude any player/players from representing our Country; we will not tolerate abuse of other players or England’s nominated officials. England further makes it clear that there are procedures to deal with any issues, these procedures, do not include publicly abusing officials or sponsors.

Martin Adams was not selected to represent England at the 2013 6 Nations in The Netherlands. He received a phone call advising him of his non-selection, and was given the option by the Board of Directors to announce that he was unavailable.  He chose to accept this course of action and therefor preventing any undue embarrassment in acknowledgement of his past services; the England Board of Directors complied.

Martin Adams over a period of years, has made it known that he wishes nothing to do with England Darts, he has on a number of occasions publically abused the Directors and their officials at EDO events. He also acted in an inappropriate manner whilst representing England, which could have resulted in England being sanctioned, but for the intervention of the EDO officials present and the goodwill of the aggrieved countries officials.

Unfortunately the respect shown to Martin Adams by the EDO board has never been reciprocated.


On behalf of the Board of Directors.


Tommy Thompson



The EDO would like to congratulate Stephen on becoming the 2014 Mens World Champion.

Also commiserations to Alan Norris who finished  a very worthy runner up.


The EDO would like to congratulate Lisa on becoming the 2014 Ladies World Champion.

Also commiserations to Deta Hedman who finished  a very worthy runner up.


The England teams for the 2014 Six Nations and British Internationals are :

Six Nations 21st- 23rd February 2014
2014 Six Nations Ladies Team
Lisa Ashton   Lancashire
Trina Gulliver   Warwickshire
Deta Hedman   Oxfordshire
2014 Six Nations Mens Team
Stephen Bunting   Lancashire
Glen Durrant   Cleveland
Tony O'Shea   Cheshire
Scott Waites   Yorkshire
James Wilson   Yorkshire


British Internationals  4th - 6th April 2014
2014 British Internationals Ladies Team
Lisa Ashton   Lancashire
Claire Ball   Cambridgeshire  
Lorraine Farlam   Yorkshire
Trina Gulliver   Warwickshire
Deta Hedman   Oxfordshire
Fallon Sherrock     Cleveland


2014 British Internationals Mens Team
Martin Atkins   Yorkshire
Stephen Bunting   Lancashire
Glen Durrant   Cleveland
Dennis Harbour   Cambridgeshire  
Paul Hogan   Berkshire
Jamie Hughes   Warwickshire
Mark McGeeney   Lancashire
Scott Mitchell   Dorset
Tony O'Shea   Cheshire
Garry Thompson     Yorkshire
Scott Waites   Yorkshire
James Wilson   Yorkshire



The EDO Board of Directors would like to wish all players across the world a Happy 2014.

They also wish all the English players competing in the respective Lakeside World Championships the best of luck.

Finally they also wish our resident MC, Richard Ashdown the very best of luck in his role as MC at Lakeside.


The end of year EDO Mens and Ladies rankings are now available and we would like to congratulate Deta Hedman and James Wilson for finishing 2013 as the respective number 1 ranked players.

Click on the links below to see the full list of players




The Directors of the EDO have invited Paul James to join them as an Executive officer for the company in dual roles of PR and Commercial Director. The Directors have noted Paul's passion for darts and in particular for England Darts. We are confident that Paul will bring much needed expertise to the Company and wish him well in his new role within the company.


Tommy Thompson

Chairman EDO


The latest EDO Youth Rankings are now out with the Lancashire pairing of Kallum Graham and Natasha Eaves sitting in the top two places, however with both the Southern and Northern youth sections having scheduled matches this weekend there may well be some changes.

Make sure your County sends the results to Tommy Thompson so they can be included in the next issue. CLICK HERE for ranking table.

21st November - BRIAN VAUX

We are sad to learn that former England and Warwickshire player has passed away aged 74.

Brian won six times from nine appearances for England.

Our thoughts are with Brian's family and friends, for more details on the Warwickshire page CLICK HERE


The latest EDO Youth Rankings are now out, CLICK HERE  to see them. Kallum Graham of Lancashire is currently top of the rankings.

As previously mentioned we are still having a problem getting all the results from the Youth Inter-County matches.

If you can see missing results for players from your County, please ask your Youth Organiser to send them to Tommy Thompson.

19th November -

Sadly due to the lack of confirmed entries for the Golden Darts event on 7th-9th December, 2013. Bunn Leisure have decided it is no longer a viable financial investment and as a result the event has been cancelled by them forthwith,

Bunn Leisure will be contacting everyone who has made a payment for accommodation and arrange for their refunds.

The E.D.O. will refund all entry fees at the earliest possible opportunity. Bunn Leisure and The E.D.O. apologise for any inconvenience incurred and hope to see you all at the England Open in 2014.

Tommy Thompson

Chairman E.D.O.

18th November - MILL RYTHE RESULTS

The popular Mill Rythe event run by the Hampshire Darts Organisation was played over the weekend, with EDO points at stake, congratulations to Wendy Reindstadtler and Eddie Simmonds on winning the singles, to see all the winners CLICK HERE


Streaming of the semi finals and finals of both the Jersey Open and Jersey Classic are scheduled for a 6.30pm start tonight, click on the TV to see the live stream.

A number of the EDO officials have travelled to Jersey to assist the Jersey Darts Organisation with the running of the Jersey Festival of Darts, where there is over 20,000 of prize money at stake.

CLICK HERE to see the Jersey Festival of Darts own web page, where full details of the 2013 can be found. You can also see clips from 2012.

27th October -  PAUL HOGAN

Paul was rushed into hospital yesterday but we are pleased to hear that after some tests, Paul is now home again, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is back on the board very soon.

25th October -  Inter-County Youth

This weekend will see both the Northern and Southern Youth leagues in action and we wish every player the best of luck,

It is very important that the EDO receives all the results from every match as they count towards the EDO Youth Rankings, they can be e.mailed to Tommy Thompson.

24th October -  Dennis Cake

The EDO were sad to hear that Dennis 'Dablo' Cake has passed away and our thoughts are with his family.

Dablo was Secretary of Gwent and for many years was involved with Welsh Darts, he was a true character and one that will be remembered by many English players and officials who spent time with him.

11th October -  SIX NATIONS CUP

After the brilliant performances from our Ladies and Mens teams in winning their respective World Cups, the next International event will be the 2014 Six Nations Cups to be hosted by Wales in Cardiff from the 21st - 23rd February 2014.

The respective draws have been made and are as follows :




Group 1 Group 2   Group 1 Group 2
Netherlands England   England     Northern Ireland     
Northern Ireland Wales      Republic of Ireland      Wales
    Republic of Ireland           Scotland        Scotland Netherlands

The schedule can be found by CLICKING HERE

5th October -  WDF WORLD CUP







The final day of the World Cup starts at 13.30 (English Time) and a full list of all the finals are shown below, hopefully the stream will be live today and you can see the squads bring home loads of medals by CLICKING HERE

Saturday's Finals
Girls Singles Final Tiarna Smith (Australia)    3-6 Casey Gallagher (England)   
Boys Singles Final Jamie Rundle (Australia)    6-0 Quin Wester (Holland)
Ladies Pairs Final Gulliver & Hedman (England)   6-1 Hayhurst & Gobeil (Canada)   
Mens Pairs Final Bunting & O'Shea (England) 6-0 Meiring & Grobbelaar (South Africa)  
Youth Pairs Final Murschell & Looker (Canada)   6-4 Rundle & Smith (Australia)
Ladies Singles Final    Irina Armstrong (Germany) v Deta Hedman (England)
Mens Singles Final Stephen Bunting (England) v Wesley Harms (Holland)
Mens Team Final USA v Scotland

4th October -  WDF WORLD CUP


  Youth Points Table      Ladies Points Table      Mens Points Table   

As you can see above the Mens team are already confirmed as the 2013 Mens World Cup Champions and we believe our Ladies will also be crowned Champions if they win one of the two finals that they are in then the title will be theirs.

In the Youths Casey Gallagher is in the final of the singles and should she win that title we will be guaranteed to be the overall runners up, with Australia already confirmed as the Champions.

Ladies Singles : Deta has reached Saturday's final, where she will play Germany's Irina Armstrong.

Mens Singles : Stephen Bunting has reached Saturday's final , where he will play Wesley Harms after he beat Tony O'Shea in the other semi final.

Mixed Youths : Casey & Bradley lost 4-5 in the semi finals against Canada after beating the Turkish pair 4-0, this was after they won 4-1, 4-0, 4-0, 4-0 & 4-0 to win their group.

  Stephen Bunting     Glen Durrant   Tony O'Shea   Scott Waites
Last 128 Bye   Keith Malcolm (Turks & Caicos) 4-0     Johnny Clayton (Wales)  4-3   Vegar Elvevoll (Norway)   4-0   
Last 64 Martin Phillips (Wales) 4-0      Wesley Harms (Holland) 0-4   Tito Cox (Turks & Caicos) 4-0     Philip Carson (N. Ireland)  1-4
Last 32 Jan Smith (South Africa) 4-0       Craig Baxter (Scotland) 4-0    
Last 16 Rocco Fulcinti (Switzerland) 4-0        Thomas Bremgartner (Switzerland) 4-0      
Last 8 Alan Soutar (Scotland) 5-4       Kevin Burness (N. Ireland)  5-3    
S/Final Wayne Warren (Wales) 6-2       Wesley Harms (Holland 2-6    


  Trina Gulliver   Deta Hedman
Last 64 Bye   Janni Larsen (Denmark) 4-0   
Last 32 Anna Forsmark (Sweden) 4-2      Kiyo Shimizu (Japan) 4-3
Last 16 Rhian Edwards (Wales)   3-4   Dianne Gobeil (Canada) 4-2
Last 8     Kirsi Viinikainen (Finland) 5-4   
S/Final     Corrine Hammond (Australia) 6-4     

After a really busy day yesterday with our players involved the whole day, today will see every player in action on the same day for the first time. The Mens Singles start at 13.30 and the Ladies Singles start at 15.00, the singles are straight knock out events.

The youths mixed pairs also start at 15.00 in a round robin group.

As you can see from the tables below we are very pleased to be top of all the respective tables going into today, we will update the results as we get them.

3rd October -  WDF WORLD CUP

After two days of the World Cup we are very pleased to top all the respective overall points tables, there is still a lot of darts to be played but it does give all our teams something to build on and as a bonus all eight England players are guaranteed to come home with at last one medal. To see the tables click on the boxes below.

  Youth Points Table      Ladies Points Table      Mens Points Table   

Our ladies (Trina & Deta) have qualified for the final of the pairs by beating the Norwegians 5-1 in the semi final, in the last 8 they had a 4-0 win over the Italians, earlier they  beat  the Finnish pairing 4 - 2 in the last 16, this was after they  won 4-0, 4-2 ,4-1, 4-0 & 4-1 to win their group. 

Bradley Halls lost 0-5 in semi final  against Holland's Quin Wester, he beat  Liam Gallagher (Rep Ireland) 4-3 to reach the semi final and he started his round robin group in the boys youth  in consistent style as he has won his first three games 4-2, but lost his fourth game 2-4 to finish second in his group.

As you can see from the scores below the four man team have beat Wales 9-4 in the last 8  but ran out of steam in the semi final as they lost 2-9 to the USA.

Stephen & Tony beat a South African pair 4- 2, a Norwegian pair 4-3, they beat Italians 4-3 in last 8 and then they beat the Welsh (Dave Smith-Hayes & Johnny Clayton) 5-4 in the semi final, their opponents in Saturday's final will be Meiring & Grobbelaar of South Africa.

Scott & Glen have beat a Japanese pair 4-0, an Italian pair 4-1, a Danish pair 4-1, they beat a Scottish pair 4-0 in the last 8 before losing 3-5 to the South Africans in the semi final to just miss out on setting up an all England final.

Mens Team Last 8    Mens Team Semi Final
    England   9 - 4   Wales        USA   9 - 2   England  
1   Tony O'Shea   1-0   Johnny Clayton   1   Larry Butler   1-0   Stephen Bunting     
2   Stephen Bunting   0-1   Dave Smith-Hayes   2   Tom Sawyer   1-0   Tony O'Shea  
3   Glen Durrant   1-0   Wayne Warren   3   Robbie Phillips      1-0   Scott Waites  
4   Scott Waites   0-1   Martin Phillips   4   Gordon Dixon   0-1   Glen Durrant  
5   Stephen Bunting       1-0   Johnny Clayton   5   Tom Sawyer   0-1   Stephen Bunting  
6   Tony O'Shea   0-1   Wayne Warren   6   Larry Butler   1-0   Scott Waites  
7   Scott Waites   1-0   Dave Smith-Hayes      7   Gordon Dixon   1-0   Tony O'Shea  
8   Glen Durrant   1-0   Martin Phillips   8   Robbie Phillips   1-0   Glen Durrant  
9   Scott Waites   1-0   Wayne Warren   9   Gordon Dixon   1-0   Scott Waites  
10   Tony O'Shea   1-0   Dave Smith-Hayes   10   Larry Butler   1-0   Tony O'Shea  
11   Stephen Bunting   0-1   Martin Phillips   11   Tom Sawyer   1-0   Glen Durrant  
12   Glen Durrant   1-0   Wayne Warren   12              
13   Tony O'Shea   1-0   Dave Smith Hayes   12              

Day two at the World Cup will start at 13.30 (English time) and our Ladies (Trina Gulliver & Deta Hedman) start their quest to retain the titles they won in Ireland in 2011, they play in Group One in the Ladies Pairs, there is six pairs in the group and they will play on a round robin basis for a place in the last sixteen.

The mens pairs of (Stephen Bunting & Tony O'Shea and Scott Waites & Glen Durrant) start at 13.30, but unlike the Ladies their matches are straight knock out, Stephen & Tony will play a pair from South Africa for a place in the last sixteen, Scott & Glen play a Japanese pair for a place in the last thirty two. Both the Ladies and Mens Pairs continue through the day and are played right through to the final.

The last player to take to the oche will be Bradley Halls in the boys youth singles, Bradley is in a round robin group of five players looking for a place in the quarter finals, like the girls the boys youth will be played down to the final.

The Mens four man team will be back on the oche at about 19.00 when they play Wales in the quarter final, the semi final of the event will also be played.

It is still unsure how the streaming will be running, but you can see the opening ceremony and selected play from yesterdays matches by CLICKING HERE

2nd October -  WDF WORLD CUP

Casey Gallagher  won all four of her group matches, 4-0, 4-1, 4-0 & 4-0 to win her group and qualify for the quarter finals. where she then won 4-0 before winning her semi final 5-0 to book her place in Saturday's final where she will play Australia's Tiarna Smith, it also means she has won England's first medal of the 2013 World Cup.

The men beat Italy 9-2 in their first match and then beat Switzerland, 9-3 to win their group and take a place in the last 16, where they beat Northern Ireland 9-2 to gain a place against Wales in Thursday's quarter final.

Mens Team Group 1  
    England   9 - 2   Italy        Switzerland   3 - 9   England  
1   Tony O'Shea   1-0   Danilo Vigato   1   Thomas Bremgartner       1-0   Stephen Bunting     
2   Stephen Bunting   1-0   Andrea Contino   2   Rocco Fulciniti   1-0   Tony O'Shea  
3   Glen Durrant   1-0   Daniele Sergi      3   Thomas Junghans   0-1   Scott Waites  
4   Scott Waites   0-1   Salvatore Mantarro      4   Andreas Bless   0-1   Glen Durrant  
5   Stephen Bunting       1-0   Danilo Vigato   5   Rocco Fulciniti   1-0   Stephen Bunting  
6   Tony O'Shea   0-1   Daniele Sergi   6   Thomas Bremgartner   0-1   Scott Waites  
7   Scott Waites   1-0   Andrea Contino   7   Andreas Bless   0-1   Tony O'Shea  
8   Glen Durrant   1-0   Salvatore Mantarro   8   Thomas Junghans   0-1   Glen Durrant  
9   Scott Waites   1-0   Daniele Sergi   9   Andreas Bless   0-1   Scott Waites  
10   Tony O'Shea   1-0   Andrea Contino   10   Thomas Bremgartner   0-1   Tony O'Shea  
11   Stephen Bunting   1-0   Salvatore Mantarro   11   Rocco Fulciniti   0-1   Glen Durrant  
12               12   Thomas Junghans   0-1   Stephen Bunting  


Mens Team Last 16
    Northern Ireland   2 - 9   England  
1   Roy Montgomery      0-1   Stephen Bunting     
2   Gary Elliott   0-1   Tony O'Shea  
3   Phillip Carson   0-1   Scott Waites  
4   Kevin Burness   0-1   Glen Durrant  
5   Gary Elliott   1-0   Stephen Bunting  
6   Roy Montgomery   0-1   Scott Waites  
7   Kevin Burness   0-1   Tony O'Shea  
8   Phillip Carson   0-1   Glen Durrant  
9   Kevin Burness   1-0   Scott Waites  
10   Roy Montgomery   0-1   Tony O'Shea  
11   Gary Elliott   0-1   Glen Durrant  

The action from the WDF World Cup in St Johns, Canada starts today and we will do our best to keep you up to date with the progress of the England team.

We are not sure if there will be any streaming from Canada at the moment, but if there is we will put a link here.

The darts starts at 13.30 (English time) with the mens four man team (Stephen Bunting, Glen Durrant, Tony O'Shea & Scott Waites) round robin games and the men are in an initial group of three with Italy and Switzerland, the top two teams in the group will go into last sixteen and this match is due to be played at 17.45.

The girls singles (Casey Gallagher) also starts at 13.30, Casey will play opponents from Australia, Canada, Sweden and Turkey in a round robin group and then from 17.45 the quarter finals and semi finals will be played.

Thursday will see the ladies (Trina Gulliver & Deta Hedman) start their ladies pairs and the start of the boys singles (Bradley Halls) throw their first darts of the World Cup. it will also see the start of the Mens Pairs (Stephen Bunting & Tony O'Shea and Scott Waites & Glen Durrant), plus the continuation of the mens four man team event.

Friday will see the Ladies and Mens Singles, plus the youths mixed pairs and Saturday will see all the stage finals.



The England Youth Rankings have been updated, unfortunately we are having a lot of problems getting the results of all the Youth Inter-County matches, so some players are not in the correct position.

The rankings will play a large part in the selection of the 2014 England Youth teams (to be selected in December 2013), so we urge all youth organisers to make sure they get all their results in asap, playing for England is a great occasion and we do not want players missing out because some of their results were missing.

If any players see that they have results missing, please contact your youth officials and get them to send your results in asap.

To see the latest tables CLICK HERE

20th September -  WORLD CUP

To see all the draws for the World Cup which will start on October 2nd in Canada, click on the links below,

World Cup Draws
Girls Singles Women's Singles Men's Singles
Boys Singles Women's Pairs Men's Pairs
Youth Mixed Pairs Men's Teams Group A Men's Teams Group B





        England Classic Finals : Sunday 15th September         
Competition Player Av Player Av Result
Ladies Classic SF Deta Hedman 26.16 Zoe Jones 23.49 4-2
Ladies Classic SF Rachel Brooks 23.03 Trina Gulliver 25.01 2-4
Mens Classic SF Glen Durrant 31.67 Robbie Green 30.51 5-3
Mens Classic SF Wayne Warren 26.23 James Wilson 27.55 4-5
Mixed Triples Classic Final Dee Bateman 26.84 Jimmy Hendriks 24.72 3-0
Wesley Harms Lorraine Farlam
Jim Williams Gordon Hastings
Ladies Pairs Final Tricia Wright 21.95 Trina Gulliver 23.95 1-3
Rachel Brooks Lisa Ashton
Mens Pairs Final Tony O'Shea 28.02 Ross Montgomery 26.75 3-2
Jimmy Hendriks Alan Norris
Youth Classic Final Connor Levett 19.19 Josh McCarthy 22.00 1-3
Ladies Classic Final Deta Hedman 25.71 Trina Gulliver 25.56 4-3
Mens Classic Final Glen Durrant 30.02 James Wilson 33.11 6-5



  Winmau England Matchplay : Sunday 15th September
Competition Player


Player Av Result
Ladies Matchplay QF Deta Hedman 28.23 Anastasia Dobromyslova 26.63 4-2
Mens Matchplay QF James Wilson 29.28 Mark McGeeney 33.97 0-4
Ladies Matchplay QF Lisa Ashton 27.48 Fallon Sherrock 21.46 4-0
Mens Matchplay QF Glen Durrant 29.73 Garry Thompson 30.23 3-4
Ladies Matchplay QF Trina Gulliver 28.63 Paula Jacklin 22.49 4-0
Mens Matchplay QF Martin Atkins 29.04 Tony Eccles 26.82 4-0
Ladies Matchplay QF Zoe Jones 26.20 Maggie Sutton 23.36 4-1
Mens Matchplay QF Scott Mitchell 30.74 Stephen Bunting 34.81 1-4
Ladies Matchplay SF Deta Hedman 24.50 Lisa Ashton 24.32 3-5
Ladies Matchplay SF Trina Gulliver 26.84 Zoe Jones 23.73 5-4
Mens Matchplay SF Mark McGeeney 28.42 Garry Thompson 27.83 3-5
Mens Matchplay SF Martin Atkins 29.51 Stephen Bunting 33.66 4-5
Ladies Matchplay Final Lisa Ashton 27.38 Trina Gulliver 27.89 6-5
Mens Matchplay Final Garry Thompson 30.12 Stephen Bunting 30.98 2-6



  Ladies Singles Draw     Youth Singles Draw    Ladies Pairs Draw    
Mens Singles Draw Mixed Triples Draw Mens Pairs Draw

The first finalists have been decided, the Ladies Pairs final will be between Tricia Wright & Rachel Brooks who will play Trina Gulliver & Lisa Ashton.

The online entry system is now closed, but players can still enter all the events at the venue, if players have not booked into Bunn Leisure they can still pay a daily entry fee and play in all the events.

For those of you who cannot be there but want to keep up with the action, selected matches will be streamed live from the venue on Saturday and the scores from both the singles events will be updated as they are reported.

Then on Sunday, the Ladies and Mens Winmau England Matchplays will be streamed live, followed by the stage finals.

England Classic England Golden

 Darts Open




Online Entries

13-15 September 6-8 December 15 September

Updated August 21st Updated August 21st Updated September 7th  

9th September -  ENGLAND CLASSIC

We are pleased to confirm that the much talked about card system, will be used in the Ladies and Mens singles events at the Classic, for those people who are not aware of how the card system works, please check inside the venue and if you are still not sure, please ask.

5th September -  ENGLAND CLASSIC

Anyone still wishing to enter the 2013 England Classic to be played at Bunn Leisure, Selsey from the 13th to 15th September can still do so, just CLICK HERE

There is over 19,000 on offer over the weekend for the Category A singles events where the Ladies Champion will take away 1,200 and the Mens Champion will leave with 3,000.


The current amount raised is just over 1,300 and we would like to thank everyone for their donations, if you are still able to make a donation click on the logo above.

The Phoenix Bar in Royal Wootton Bassett will be running a raffle and football card at their August Bank Holiday Darts Open on Monday August 26th, to see the flyer for the Competition CLICK HERE

20th August -  ENGLAND MASTERS

The EDO had planned to stage the next edition of the England Masters in Skegness from the 25-27 October, but a change in ownership at the venue has meant that this has now been postponed, as soon as more details are available for the event that will be played in 2014 we will place it on this page.

19th August - CAMBS OPENS

Saturday saw EDO points at stake at the Cambridgeshire Opens (Mens, Ladies & Youths), the winners were Will Harwood (mens), Kate Drake (ladies) and Josh McCarthy (youths).

6th August - PHILL NIXON

The EDO Directors and players were very sad to learn that Phill Nixon passed away earlier today, our thoughts are with his wife Suzanne and the rest of their family.

Phill was always proud to pull on the England shirt and England were always pleased to have him in the team, Phill played seven times for England in full Internationals, winning on five occasions, he also played three times in representative matches for England.

Phill was one of the great characters in the game and will be sadly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Current England International and fellow North East player, Glenn Durrant has summed it up this morning with a message on facebook, it reads :

"RIP Phill Nixon .......LEGEND"


Due to recent unfortunate events at a couple of England competitions, the board of directors discussed at length several letters of complaint. These incidents of abusive behaviour were directed at competitors, spectators and EDO officials

It is the remit of The England Darts Organisation to provide a family friendly atmosphere at all its events, where everyone can enjoy themselves without fear of intimidation, bullying or threatening behaviour towards them.

The board of directors want to make it clear that as from now, they will no longer tolerate threatening or abusive actions or language at any future events. Should there be a repeat of this behaviour then the people concerned will be excluded from further events run by the England Darts Organisation, equally should this involve current International players representing England, these players may find themselves withdrawn from  International consideration.

If anyone has got an issue with events run by The England Darts Organisation, then there are procedures in place to register these complaints, in the correct and dignified manner, these will then be dealt with by your representatives, “The Board of Directors of the England Darts Organisation Ltd”.

Ultimately the Directors reserve the right to exclude any players or spectators from their events, and if in the opinion of the Directors, players or spectators continually breach these basic codes of conduct, and common decency, then they will immediately fall foul of that penalty. The matter is now concluded.

5th August 2013

Tommy Thompson

Chairman EDO.


Anyone who is able to assist with the fundraiser, can now make a donation through the England online entry page, click on the logo below.


A facebook page has been set up to raise funds to send a parent of both the England Youth players, Casey Gallagher and Bradley Halls, to the World Cup in Canada in October.

Casey and Bradley's flights, hotels and uniforms are all being paid for by the England Darts Organisation, but the fundraiser has been set up to give one parent of both Casey and Bradley the opportunity to go with them for what will be an incredible experience.

If you look at the England Matchplay draws below you will see Zoe Jones, Fallon Sherrock and Stephen Bunting are all included and all three of them have had the opportunity to play in a World Cup for England, so we hope that Casey and Bradley can also achieve the same success in the future.

To see the full details about the fundraiser click on the facebook symbol below.



The Phoenix Bar in Royal Wootton Bassett will be running a raffle and football card at their August Bank Holiday Darts Open on Monday August 26th, to see the flyer for the Competition CLICK HERE

25th July - 2013 Winmau England Matchplay's

The Ladies and Mens Winmau England Matchplay's will be played on Sunday 15th September at Bunn Leisure, Selsey as part of the popular England Classic weekend.

Both events will have eight players in them, the ladies being increased from last years four players and with the quality of players who have qualified there are sure to be some excellent matches for everyone to see at Selsey.

And the good news for those people not able to get to Selsey, you will be able to watch every dart on the EDO streaming page.

Ladies Draw Mens Draw
 Deta Hedman (1)   v  Anastasia Dobromyslova (17)      James Wilson (1)   v  Scott Waites (8)
 Lisa Ashton (2) v  Fallon Sherrock (7)    Glen Durrant (2) v  Garry Thompson (7)
 Trina Gulliver (3) v  Paula Jacklin (6)    Martin Atkins (3) v  Tony Eccles (6)
 Zoe Jones (4) v  Maggie Sutton (5)    Scott Mitchell (4) v  Stephen Bunting (5)  

The defending champions Zoe Jones and Martin Atkins, plus the winners of the 2012 England Classic, the 2013 England Open, 2013 England Masters and the 2013 England National Singles Champions all gained a direct entry with the other players taking from the EDO Rankings. The draw is based on each players current England Ranking, which are shown in brackets.


After completing the England Masters last weekend the EDO are now looking forward to staging the England Classic at Bunn Leisure from the13th to 15th September.

There is over 19,000 of cash up for grabs over the weekend, with the singles eventsl being Category A ranked by both the EDO and BDO, they will also have WDF points on offer.

We strongly suggest you book accommodation at Bunn Leisure as a lot of the caravans are already booked.

To enter all the events CLICK HERE

To see the booking form CLICK HERE

To see the players entered so far CLICK HERE



For all the England Masters Results & Photographs  CLICK HERE

England Masters Champions : Stephen Bunting (Mens), Anastasia Dobromyslova (Ladies) & Charlie Burns (Youth)


England Darts are delighted to announce that the British Internationals 2014 will take place at The Venue, Barkisland, Halifax on the 4th, 5th & 6th April 2014.

The event will begin on Friday evening with the youth match and another selected senior match, details of which will be published very soon. The event then continues into the weekend, playing all day Saturday and Sunday with a Grand Finale and presentation on Sunday evening.

For the first time guests will be able to pre-book a table for the whole weekend at a special corporate rate. Once again further details will follow but we are sure this is going to be an extremely popular offer and tables which can accommodate 10 persons will be snapped up very quickly when people see what a good deal they are getting.

Further details will be released on this page and as soon as tickets are available we will announce details of the box office number and how to book direct from : The Venue, Bowers Mill, Branch Road, Halifax.  HX4 0AD

The Venue is in a beautiful rural setting and there are several hotels and B&B’s in the area, including a Premier Inn just off the motorway and about 4 miles away from the playing venue.  You are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.


Congratulations to Casey Gallagher and Bradley Halls who have been selected to represent England in the Youth World Cup in Canada.

8th July - ENGLAND AGM

All the existing Directors and Selectors were re-elected at yesterdays AGM.



The final day at the Europe Cup in Hungary saw the English girls reach win the pairs title with a 4 -0 win over the Danish girls and in the singles Casey Gallagher won the singles for the second consecutive year whilst Natasha Eaves lost in the semi final.

The final points scores were :

Girls  Points   Position Boys  Points  
England 71  Champions    Netherlands   153
 Germany   36 Runners Up Germany 85
Denmark 27 Third Denmark 62
    9th England 32

The boys had a disappointing Europe Cup and finished up 9th.

6th July - ENGLAND AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the England Darts Organisation will be held at Hucknall, Nottinghamshire on Sunday 7th July.


The first day at the Europe Cup in Hungary has seen mixed fortunes for the England teams.

The girls have had a great day as both Natasha Eaves and Casey Gallagher reached the semi finals of the singles and they are also in the semi finals of the pairs, it places them top of the points with 42 points with Germany on 31 points and the Netherlands and Belgium on 24 points.

All of the semi finals and finals will be played on Saturday.

The boys had a disappointing day as they failed to reach the latter stages in the singles and pairs, the best performance came in the team event where they lost a deciding leg in the quarter finals against Denmark. They are in 10th place overall with 20 points.


We are pleased to announce that the first issue of the England Darts Organisations Youth Rankings have now been issued. CLICK HERE to see table.

The EDO would like to see all the Counties running a Youth Open with EDO points, plus all youth matches in both the Southern and Northern Inter-County youth leagues will also count.

All the youth events run at the various EDO events will also be included, in fact the top player in the first issue is Lancashire's Kallum Graham who won the England Open youth title.

The next event to be included in the ranking table will be the youth events at the England Masters, the table will be issued again after that event.


We would like to wish the England Youth teams the very best of luck as they head off to Hungary to compete in the 2013 Europe Cup Youth event that is being played on Friday and Saturday.

There is a total of fourteen teams taking part in the 2013 event and more details are available on the WDF site, CLICK HERE

Girls Team   Boys Team
Natasha Eaves   Lancashire   Bradley Halls   Essex
Casey Gallagher   Sussex   George Killington   London
        Mason Riou   Hampshire
        Jordan Singh   West Midlands

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