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  National Singles   






    2015 ENGLAND OPEN     

19th-21st June

   England National Singles Open Entries         Ladies Singles  :  47      Mens Singles  :  277   
  England Open Entries   Mens Pairs : 182   Mixed Fours : 25   Ladies Pairs : 61   
  Boys Singles : 31      Ladies Singles : 121      Mens Singles   :   549    Girls Singles : 7

Below are the seedings for the Mens and Ladies England Open and the National Singles Open events. They are based on the rankings as listed on the BDO website (16-06-15). 

England Open Ladies Seeding   National Singles Open Ladies Seeding
1 Deta Hedman England   Deta Hedman England 1
2 Lisa Ashton England   Lisa Ashton England 2
3 Fallon Sherrock England   Fallon Sherrock England 3
4 Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia   Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia 4
5 Lorraine Winstanley England   Lorraine Winstanley England 5
6 Zoe Jones England   Zoe Jones England 6
7 Rachel Brooks England   Rachel Brooks England 7
8 Trina Gulliver England   Trina Gulliver England 8
9 Paula Jacklin England   Paula Jacklin England 9
10 Ann Louise Peters Denmark   Ann Louise Peters Denmark 10
11 Casey Gallagher England   Casey Gallagher England 11
12 Maggie Sutton England   Maggie Sutton England 12
13 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands   Anca Zijlstra Netherlands 13
14 Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands   Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands 14
15 Sue Gulliver England   Claire Ball England 15
16 Claire Ball England   Louise Hepburn Scotland 16


England Open Mens Seeding   National Singles Open Mens Seeding
1 Glen Durrant England   Glen Durrant England 1
2 Scott Mitchell England   Scott Mitchell England 2
3 Geert de Vos Belgium   Geert de Vos Belgium 3
4 Jamie Hughes England   Jamie Hughes England 4
5 Darryl Fitton England   Darryl Fitton England 5
6 Jeffrey de Graff Netherlands   Jeffrey de Graff Netherlands 6
7 Wesley Harms Netherlands   Wesley Harms Netherlands 7
8 Pip Blackwell England   Pip Blackwell England 8
9 Gary Robson England   Gary Robson England 9
10 Scott Waites England   Scott Waites England 10
11 Brian Dawson England   Brian Dawson England 11
12 Mazdars Razma Latvia   Mazdars Razma Latvia 12
13 Sam Hewson England   Sam Hewson England 13
14 Tony O'Shea England   Tony O'Shea England 14
15 Ted Hankey England   Ted Hankey England 15
16 Jim Williams Wales   Jim Williams Wales 16
17 Mark McGeeney England   Mark McGeeney England 17
18 Martin Atkins (Y) England   Martin Atkins (Y) England 18
19 Ross Montgomery Scotland   Ross Montgomery Scotland 19
20 Darius Labanuskas Lithuania   Darius Labanuskas Lithuania 20
21 James Hurrell England   James Hurrell England 21
22 Willem Mandigers Netherlands   Willem Mandigers Netherlands 22
23 Michel van der Horst Netherlands   Michel van der Horst Netherlands 23
24 Stephen Deprez Belgium   Stephen Deprez Belgium 24
25 Sam Head England   Sam Head England 25
26 Jim Widmayer USA   Jim Widmayer USA 26
27 Gary Stafford England   Gary Stafford England 27
28 Tony Martin England   Tony Martin England 28
29 Garry Thompson England   Garry Thompson England 29
30 Dave Smith England   Dave Smith England 30
31 Dennis Harbour England   Dennis Harbour England 31
32 Carl Dennel England   Carl Dennel England 32


Sunday's Stage Finals

Competition   Average Player Result Player Average
Mens England National Singles Open Semi Final   28.82 Jim Williams 6-4 Jason Heaver 29.01
Mens England National Singles Open Semi Final     27.73 Tony O'Shea 5-6 Dennis Harbour 27.92


Ladies England Open Singles Semi Final   23.05 Trina Gulliver 5-2 Lorraine Winstanley    21.81
Ladies England Open Singles Semi Final   23.84 Fallon Sherrock 5-2 Sarah Chick 22.59


Mens England Open Singles Semi Final   30.89 Glen Durrant 6-1 Richard Veenstra 28.32
Mens England Open Singles Semi Final   29.29 Ross Montgomery 5-6 Wesley Harms 29.19


Ladies Pairs Final   22.29 Trish Kidd 0-3 Lisa Ashton 28.90
  Donna Rainsley Trina Gulliver
Mens Pairs Final   27.73 Dennis Harbour 3-2 Ricky Williams 25.33
  Steve Carrett Arron Monk
Girls Youth Final   11.75 Sophie Pinches 0-3 Natasha Eaves 13.54
Boys Youth Final   21.05 Owen Maiden 3-2 Danny Key 19.42
Ladies England National Singles Open Final   20.67 Anca Zijlstra 0-6 Fallon Sherrock 25.47
Mens England National Singles Open Final   28.93 Jim Williams 5-6 Dennis Harbour 26.51
Ladies Singles Final   25.95 Trina Gulliver 3-6 Fallon Sherrock 28.68
Mens Singles Final  


Glen Durrant 5-7 Wesley Harms 33.58


Congratulations to all the 2015 Champions
Ladies Pairs Girls Mens National
Mixed 4's Boys Ladies Open
Mens Pairs Ladies National Mens Open




22nd June -  ENGLAND OPEN

Congratulations to all the winners (see below for details) of the 2014 England that finished with wins in the singles for Billy Holmes (youth), Anastasia Dobromyslova (ladies) and Wesley Harms (mens).

Sunday's Final Day Matches On Eurosport
  Average   Average Result Winners
Mens Pairs Final     27.24 Nick Kenny & Dean Reynolds (Wales) v

 Wesley Harms & Jeffrey de Graaf    

28.35 2-3
Ladies Pairs Final 20.30 Paula Jacklin (Lincs) & Sue Gulliver (Warks) v

Lorraine Winstanley (Yorks) & Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)   

21.57 1-3
Youth Final 22.44 Kieran Smith (Gloucestershire) v Billy Holmes (West Midlands) 26.84 0-3
Mens Quarter Final 27.45 Wesley Harms (Netherlands) v Wayne Warren (Wales) 25.42 4-0  
Mens Quarter Final 28.21 Martin Stead (Hampshire) v Jamie Hughes (Warwickshire) 27.65 2-4  
Mens Quarter Final 29.22 Scott Mitchell (Dorset) v Paul Hogan (Berkshire) 30.26 4-2  
Mens Quarter Final 35.16 Glen Durrant (Cleveland) v Nigel Lamb (Dorset) 28.32 4-0  
Ladies Semi Finals 26.72 Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands) v Trina Gulliver (Warwickshire) 23.59 4-0  
Ladies Semi Finals 22.08 Claire Ball (Cambridgeshire) v Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)    24.60 2-4  
Mens Semi Final 28.99 Wesley Harms v Jamie Hughes 29.34 6-3  
Mens Semi Final 28.25 Scott Mitchell v Glen Durrant 27.39 6-3  
Ladies Singles Final 27.43 Aileen de Graaf v Anastasia Dobromyslova 30.01 3-4
Mens Singles Final 32.52 Wesley Harms v Scott Mitchell 30.47 7-2

CLICK HERE for more details on all the events from the England Open.


 Sunday will see the last  eight of the Mens Singles, the last four of the Ladies Singles and the Youth Final will all be shown live on Eurosport at 5pm.


The up to date England Youth Rankings have been used to determine the eight seeds for the youth singles, they are :

Youth Seeds 1 - 8
1.  Kallum Graham    2. Connor Levett    3.  Nathan Street 4.  Tommy Sykes   
5  Lewis Gurney 6. Josh McCarthy 7.  Ryan Hoggarth    8.  Jordan Singh


The Ladies and Mens Singles Draws are now online, click the links to see the draws           LADIES DRAW               MENS DRAW

In the Mens Singles Willem Mandigers, who was seeded 28 has withdrawn, so all the players below have been moved up one place and Gary Stafford becomes the new number 32 seed.

The match times and board numbers will be added at a later time.


The 2014 England Open was once again played at Bunn Leisure in Selsey, Sussex on Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd June. The weekend was a first for the EDO in its relative short history as it was the first event that was shown live on TV, as Eurosport showed the finals day live.

The first event of the weekend saw Jan Dekker beat Mark McGeeney 6-1 in the final of the Early Bird tournament that eventually had 143 players entering. For the full results Click on the "Early Bird Results" below. Friday also saw Wesley Harms beat James Hurrell in the opening night cash competition, Meanwhile the LDO held their Ladies Festival Singles where Aileen de Graaf went one better than last year as she took the title with a 4-1 over Deta Hedman.

Click on the events below for the results
Early Bird Results   Ladies Singles Result    Mens Singles Results
Youth Singles Results     Ladies Pairs Draw   Mens Pairs Draw


Alan Norris, Deta Hedman, Robbie Green & Wesley Harms


Ladies Seeds 1-16
1. Deta Hedman 2. Anastasia Dobromyslova   3. Rachel Brooks 4. Trina Gulliver
5. Fallon Sherrock 6. Irina Armstrong 7. Lorraine Winstanley   8. Lisa Ashton
9. Aileen de Graaf   10. Zoe Jones 11. Paula Jacklin 12. Anneke Kuijten  
13. Casey Gallagher   14. Sue Gulliver 15. Dee Bateman 16. Tricia Wright
Mens Seeds 1-32
1. James Wilson 2. Robbie Green 3. Scott Mitchell 4. Jeffrey de Graaf
5. Ross Montgomery    6. Gary Robson 7. Remco van Eijden 8. Rick Hofstra
9. Jan Dekker 10. Glen Durrant 11. Scott Waites 12. Alan Norris
13. Jamie Hughes 14. Geert de Vos 15. Darryl Fitton 16. Tony O'Shea
17. Wesley Harms 18. Paul Jennings 19. Sam Head 20. Garry Thompson
21. Jim Williams 22. Michel van der Horst 23. Martin Atkins (Yorks)   24. Richie George
25. Dave Smith 26. Pip Blackwell 27. James Hurrell 28. Sam Hewson
29. Jimmy Hendriks 30. Mark Oosterhuis 31. Tony Martin 32. Gary Stafford



Sunday 23rd June 2013  

All the matches below were streamed on the internet, click on the TV to see some fantastic matches




Congratulations to all the winners at the England Open 2013

Ladies Singles

  Deta Hedman

Mens Singles

 Stephen Bunting

Ladies Festival of Darts

Anastasia Dobromyslova

Girls Youth

Natasha Eaves

Early Bird

Robbie Green

Boys Youth

Kallum Graham

Mens Pairs

Wesley Harms & Jeffrey de Graaf  


Hedman, Green & Norris  

Ladies Pairs

Lisa Ashton & Trina Gulliver  


The results of Sunday's stage matches were :


  Average Players Average
Ladies Singles Semi Final   30.00 Lisa Ashton   4-2   Rachel Brooks 27.09
Ladies Singles Semi Final   21.87  Anastasia Dobromyslova    0-4 Deta Hedman 27.83
Mens Singles Semi Final   27.86 Stephen Bunting  5-2 Dave Smith 26.44
Mens Singles Semi Final   33.59 Geert de Vos  5-3  James Wilson 30.83
Ladies Festival of Darts Final     23.89 Aileen de Graaf  1-4  Anastasia Dobromyslova   26.45
Mixed Triples Final   28.79 Glen Durrant 1-3 Robbie Green 30.94
  Lisa Ashton Alan Norris
  Tony Eccles Deta Hedman
Ladies Pairs Final   16.73 Aileen de Graaf  0-3 Trina Gulliver 20.31
  Irina Armstrong  Lisa Ashton
Mens Pairs Final   31.68 Wesley Harms 3-1 James Hurrell 28.20
  Jeffrey de Graaf Marc Blandford
Girls Youth Final   17.48 Casey Gallagher  2-3 Natasha Eaves 18.29
Boys Youth Final   29.24 Kallum Graham  3-1 Robbie Hewson 27.42
Ladies Singles Final   24.57 Lisa Ashton  1-4 Deta Hedman 24.97
Mens Singles Final  


Stephen Bunting  6-4 Geert de Vos 30.99


Saturday 22nd June

Glen Durrant hit a nine darter (his second in an EDO event) in a 3-0 win in his last 128 match against Jason Kelly.

Click Here - for the Ladies Singles Draw

Click Here - for the Mens Singles Draw

Click Here - for the Ladies Pairs Draw

Click Here  - for the Mens Pairs Draw

Click Here - for the Girls  Draw

Click Here - for the Boys Draw


Friday 21st June 

Friday evening saw the men take part in a cash competition whilst the Ladies were playing their WDF ranked event and we would like to congratulate the eventual winner, Kevin Fishwick who took the top prize from a field of over 200 players.

The final of the first Ladies Darts Festival, to be played on stage on Sunday will be between Anastasia Dobromyslova and Aileen De Graaf.

The first title of the weekend has been decided as Robbie Green beat Stephen Bunting in the final of the Early Bird.


Click Here - for Early Bird Results

Click Here  - Ladies Festival Of Darts Draw

The 2013 England Open got underway today and this page is the place to find all the details, we will be updating various events as they are played, so if you have a favourite player just click on the links to see how they are getting on.

2013 ENGLAND OPEN 21st - 23rd June 2013

England Open   -  Click Here For Booking Form & Details For 2013

CLICK HERE to see Online Entries  :  Player Lists last updated on June 20th

 Ladies Singles : 168   Mens Singles : 470   Youth Singles : 34   Early Bird : 65
Ladies Pairs : 60 Mens Pairs : 131 Mixed Triples : 37  LDO Singles :90  



England Open 2012

Mens Singles : Wesley Harms Girls Youth : Fallon Sherrock Ladies Singles Anastasia Dobromyslova


Bunting, Dobromyslova & Van De Pas

2012 Winners

Singles :

Dobromyslova & Harms

Ladies Pairs :

Wendy Reindstadtler & Steph Smee

Boys Youth : Andrew Clark Mens Pairs :

Garry Thompson & Scott Waites

Early Bird : Richie George Friday Cash Winner : Cindy Pardy Friday Cash Winner : Nick Kenny
Other Photos
Behind the scenes Action in the hall EDO Signs
Control Table John Parrack on TV Lane Little Richard Commentating
Tombola Action in the Marquee Tony O v Wesley on TV Lane
2012 Runners Up
Ladies Singles : Deta Hedman Youth Girls: Casey Gallagher Friday Cash: Paul Fox
Mens Pairs : Hendriks & Dawson Friday Cash : Rachna David Youth Boys : Nathan Street
Early Bird : Jay Foreman Mens Singles : Tony Broughton 3's : Eccles, Stainsby & Durrant
  Ladies Pairs : Jones & Gulliver  


Event       Player AV   SCORE   AV       Player
Ladies Singles Semi Final         Deta Hedman 25.73   4-2   24.66       Lisa Ashton
Ladies Singles Semi Final       Irina Armstrong 25.13   1-4   22.70       Anastasia Dobromyslova
Mens Singles Semi Final       Wayne Warren 30.08   2-5   30.96       Wesley Harms
Mens Singles Semi Final       James Wilson 31.16   3-5   31.15       Tony Broughton
Mixed Triples Final         Claire Stainsby 20.35   1-3   24.01       Anastasia Dobromyslova
        Glen Durrant           Stephen Bunting
        Tony Eccles           Benito Van De Pas
Ladies Pairs Final       Steph Smee 18.56   3-2   18.58       Sue Gulliver
        Wendy Reindstadtler           Zoe Jones
Mens Pairs Final       Garry Thompson 30.67   3-0   27.84       Brian Dawson
Scott Waites Jimmy Hendriks
Girls Youth Final       Fallon Sherrock 18.02   3-1   16.34       Casey Gallagher
Boys Youth Final       Andrew Clark 24.24   3-0   22.46       Nathan Street
Ladies Singles Final         Deta Hedman 26.20   3-4   25.77       Anastasia Dobromyslova
Mens Singles Final       Wesley Harms 32.72   6-1   29.68       Tony Broughton




26th June    -  Finals Day 2011 England Open

      2011 England Open Champions    
  Karen Lawman       Gary Robson

  Paul Hogan / Paul Gibbs       Trina Gulliver / Lisa Ashton
  Craig Brown   Stacey Eillis   David Pallett- Linda Jones- Ash Khayat


Ladies Singles Semi - Final   Karen Lawman 23.41       4 - 3       24.42     Trina Gulliver
  Kirsi Vinikanainen 21.91       4 - 3       22.23     Lisa Ashton
Mens Singles Semi - Final Ted Hankey 30.93       5 - 0       25.44     Benito van de Pas
  Gary Robson 27.83       5 - 3       25.42     Tony O'Shea


Mixed Triples Garry Thompson 24.32       1 - 3       26.00     Ash Khayat
  Dave Calvert                           David Pallett
  Dee Bateman                           Linda Jones
Ladies Pairs Donna Rainsley / Trish Kidd 20.98       1 - 3       23.11     Trina Gulliver / Lisa Ashton
Mens Pairs Paul Neate / Aaron Turner 23.15       1 - 3       28.10     Paul Hogan / Paul Gibbs
Girls Finals Stacey Eillis 20.99       3 - 1       19.78     Josie Patterson
Boys Finals Nick Kenny 22.50       3 - 4       22.67     Craig Brown
Ladies Singles Final Karen Lawman 23.41       4 - 2       21.75     Kirsi Vinikanainen
Mens Singles Final Ted Hankey 25.32       2 - 6       27.88     Gary Robson

25th June     -     England Open Draws

The draws for the Ladies and Mens singles and pairs are now online. Click on the links below.


 All these events will be updated as they happen.

24th June     -     England Open Early Bird Results


Alan Norris won the Early Bird tournament that opened the 2011 England Open weekend with a very close 6-5 victory over Dean Winstanley. The losing semi finalists were Mark Blandford and Andy Beardmore. 

To view the results CLICK HERE

Results from cash competitions

Mens Results       Ladies Results









2010 England Open

Mens Singles Winner : Dean Winstanley

Ladies Singles Winner : Trina Gulliver

Mixed Triples Winners : John Walton, Karen Lawman & Martin Atkins

Ladies Pairs : Winners Donna Rainsley & Trish Kidd

Mens Pairs Winners : Paul Gibbs & Paul Hogan

Youth Girls Finalists : Gemma Bowen (r/up) & Zoe Jones (winner)

Boys Youth Finalists : Jimmy Hendricks (r/up) & Kurtis Atkins (winner)


Click on the events below for the results from the respective events

Ladies Singles                     Mens Singles   

Ladies Pairs                         Mens Pairs    

Mixed Triples                      Youth Singles