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22nd September

RIP Alma Wright

 We were sad to learn that Alma Wright has sadly passed away. Alma was a former secretary of Cumbria and Northumberland and along with her late husband, Norman both worked with the BDO for many years. Alma's sister, Irene and her husband Ken Parker were also both involved with Nottinghamshire and Ken is also a former BDO Director.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with all Alma's family and friends.

14th September

We are pleased to announce that a scheme has been set up, where all local leagues across England will be able to become an affiliated league of England Darts.

The first league to join is the Newark Singles League and if you click on the link below you can see the profiles that have been created for their players.

Details of how your local league can become affiliated will be posted soon.

  Affiliated Leagues   

Click on the league below for profiles
Newark Singles League


14th September

Following a busy weekend at Selsey with the England Classic, England Masters an England Matchplay events all counted in the England Ranking table, both the Ladies and Mens tables have been updated.

To see the full tables, click on the "England Ranking" tab at the top of the page. The top three players are :

13th September

A new tab "Profiles" has been added at the top of this page where you can see the Player Profiles for the 2017 International players and also the Pentathlon Album, click on the tab to have a look.

13th September

If you didn't see the England Matchplay's and the England Masters from the weekend or would like to watch it again click on the England Darts Channel link below.


10th September



7th - 11th September 2017

Click Logo for Live Link -  Please let all your friends know.


England Classic 2017 Winners

Lorraine Winstanley - Ladies Winner Jeffrey Sparidaans - Mens Winner
Beau Greaves - Girls Winner Jarred Cole - Boys Winner



England Masters 2017 Winners

Deta Hedman - Ladies Winner Jeffrey Sparidaans- Mens Winner



England Classic 2017 Winners

Beau Greaves - Girls Winner Jarred Cole - Boys Winner


England Classic Events

  Average       Average
Ladies Classic Semi Final 24.05 Anca Zijlstra 0-4  Rhian Griffiths 24.14
Ladies Classic Semi Final 24.60 Lorraine Winstanley    4-1 Lisa Ashton 23.36
Mens Classic Semi Final 31.19 Jeffrey Sparidaans 4-3 Scott Mitchell 31.37
Mens Classic Semi Final 28.83 Paul Hogan 4-1 Richie Edwards    28.03
Girls Youth Final 29.47 Beau Greaves 3-0 Shannon Reeves   15.61
Boys Youth Final 23.58 Jack Seymour 2-3 Jarred Cole 26.16
Ladies England Masters Final   25.23 Deta Hedman 5-3 Lisa Ashton 27.16
Mens England Masters Final    30.80 Andy Baetens 5-2 Jamie Hughes 33.70
Ladies Classic Final 26.64 Rhian Griffiths 2-5 Lorraine Winstanley 28.32
Mens Classic Final 30.93 Jeffrey Sparidaans 5-0 Paul Hogan 27.04


England Matchplay 2017 Winners


Beau Greaves - Girls Winner Tyler Radlett - Boys Winner
Lorraine Winstanley - Ladies Winner Glen Durrant - Mens Winner


Sunday's Stage Finals

England Matchplay Quarter Finals

  Average       Average
Ladies Matchplay 27.28 Deta Hedman 3-4 Lisa Ashton 28.43
Mens Matchplay 30.30 Scott Mitchell 4-2 Geert De Vos 28.42
Ladies Matchplay 20.64 Paula Jacklin 3-4 Maggie Sutton 19.86
Mens Matchplay 25.03 Allan Edwards 0-4 Dean Reynolds 29.91
Ladies Matchplay 23.55 Lorraine Winstanley   4-3 Tricia Wright 21.62
Mens Matchplay 31.85 Jamie Hughes 4-1 Martin Phillips 28.79
Ladies Matchplay 23.29 Fallon Sherrock 2-4 Casey Gallagher    21.75
Mens Matchplay 25.07 Mark McGeeney 1-4 Glen Durrant 28.84

England Matchplay Semi Finals

Ladies Matchplay 23.56 Lisa Ashton 4-3 Maggie Sutton 22.35
Mens Matchplay 30.30 Scott Mitchell 4-3 Dean Reynolds 27.94
Ladies Matchplay 25.45 Lorraine Winstanley 4-1 Casey Gallagher 21.10
Mens Matchplay 31.79 Jamie Hughes 3-4 Glen Durrant 33.22

England Matchplay Finals

Girls Matchplay 22.43 Beau Greaves 3-0

Nicolle Bidgway

Boys Matchplay 21.66 Jack Seymour 2-3 Tyler Radlett 25.14
Ladies Matchplay 25.28 Lisa Ashton 2-5 Lorraine Winstanley 27.49
Mens Matchplay 31.18 Scott Mitchell 4-5 Glen Durrant 31.80




Click on respective draw below

   Ladies Pairs       Men's Pairs     



9th September

The winners of tonight's mixed fours event were : Corrine Hammond, Glen Durrant, James Hurrell and Dean Reynolds.

2017 England Girls Matchplay Draw/Results
Pre - Lim


Beau Greaves

Semi  Finals

Shannon Reeves (1) 0-3 Beau Greaves
Nicolle Bidgway (2) 3-1 Tia Tapp


Beau Greaves v Nicolle Bidgway (2)


2017 England Boys Matchplay Draw/Results

Quarter Finals

Jack Vincent (1) 3-1 Lewis Gurney
Jack Seymour (4) 3-2 Alex Gurr
Tyler Radlett (3) 3-0 Daniel Perry
Keelan Kay (2) 3-1 Jarred Cole
Semi Finals
Jack Vincent (1) 2-3 Jack Seymour (4)
Tyler Radlett (3) 3-1 Keelan Kay (2)
Jack Seymour (4) v Tyler Radlett (3)



Click on respective draw below

   Ladies England Classic       Men's England Classic     
Men's England Masters Ladies England Masters
Youth Singles Mixed 4's


7th September - Martin Adams is the 2017 British Pentathlon Champion


The 2017 Pentathlon saw ten players made their debuts but it was the most experienced player, Martin Adams once again took the title on 410 points which was 12 points ahead of Willem Mandigers, with third place going to Jim Williams. It is Martin's 12th title in his 25th appearance at the Pentathlon.

In the special events the 2001 leg was won by Willem Mandigers, the halve it was won by Paul Dawkins and the Round the board on doubles was won by Jay Foreman, the 1001 leg was jointly won by Paul Dawkins and Conan Whitehead and the shanghi was won by Andy Baetens.

Jamie Hughes equalled the all time record points scored in a two leg match when he scored 25 points.

In the special events the 1001 leg was jointly won by Paul Dawkins and Conan Whitehead and the shanghi was won by Andy Baetens.

Jamie Hughes equalled the all time record points scored in a two leg match when he scored 25 points.



5th September

Entries for the Men's and Ladies singles events at Selsey are now closed, entries can still be made for the youths, the pairs and mixed fours at Selsey. The seeded players are shown below.

Ladies England Classic (Category A) Ladies England Masters (Category B)
Players Entered = 84   Players Entered = 58
Number of Seeds = 8   Number of Seeds = 4
Seed Players Name   Seed Players Name
1 Deta Hedman   1 Deta Hedman
2 Lisa Ashton   2 Lisa Ashton
3 Lorraine Winstanley   3 Lorraine Winstanley
4 Anastasia Dobromyslova   4 Anastasia Dobromyslova
5 Corrine Hammond      
6 Trina Gulliver      
7 Fallon Sherrock      
8 Anca Zijlstra      



Mens England Classic (Category A+) Mens England Masters (Category C)
Players Entered = 242   Players Entered = 180
Number of Seeds = 16   Number of Seeds = 16
Seed Players Name   Seed Players Name
1 Mark McGeeney   1 Mark McGeeney
2 Glen Durrant   2 Glen Durrant
3 Jamie Hughes   3 Jamie Hughes
4 Scott Mitchell   4 Scott Mitchell
5 Dean Reynolds   5 Dean Reynolds
6 Richard Veenstra   6 Richard Veenstra
7 Ross Montgomery   7 Ross Montgomery
8 Geert de Vos   8 Geert de Vos
9 Wesley Harms   9 Wesley Harms
10 Nick Kenny   10 Nick Kenny
11 Cameron Menzies   11 Cameron Menzies
12 Scott Baker   12 Scott Baker
13 Jim Williams   13 Jim Williams
14 Martin Phillips   14 Martin Phillips
15 James Hurrell   15 James Hurrell
16 Willem Mandigers   16 Willem Mandigers




7th - 11th September 2017

(Updated on 5th September)

Click Here to see who has entered

England Classic Mens Singles : 242   Youth Girls : 3      England Classic Ladies Singles : 84
Mens Pairs : 62   Youth Boys : 19   Ladies Pairs : 26
England Masters Mens Singles : 180      Mixed Fours : 6     England Masters Ladies Singles : 58   
      The online shop is now closed, entries for the pairs, fours and youths can still be made at Selsey.

 Click logo to see the full booking form 7th to 11th September 2017

3rd September

The draws for the respective England Matchplay were made at the England AGM today, for the matches at Selsey next weekend, they are :

2017 England Girls Matchplay Draw
Shannon Reeves (1) v Ellie-Larsson-Brown or Beau Greaves
Nicolle Bidgway (2) v Tia Tapp


2017 England Boys Matchplay Draw

Jack Vincent (1) v Lewis Gurney
Jack Seymour (4) v Alex Gurr
Tyler Radlett (3) v Daniel Perry
Keelan Kay (2) v Jarred Cole


2017 England Ladies Matchplay Draw
Deta Hedman (1) v Lisa Ashton
Paula Jacklin (4) v Maggie Sutton
Lorraine Winstanley (3)   v Tricia Wright
Fallon Sherrock (2) v Trina Gulliver


2017 England Mens Matchplay Draw

Scott Mitchell (1) v Geert de Vos
Dennis Harbour (4) v Dean Reynolds
Jamie Hughes (3) v Martin Phillips
Mark McGeeney (2) v Glen Durrant

3rd September

The  AGM of the England Darts Organisation was held today and all the existing Directors and Selectors were re-elected unopposed, they are :

Directors : Bernie Crouch, Jean Haywood, Peter Melton, John Peoples, Vic Sexton & Tommy Thompson.

Selectors : Peter Melton, Neil Pritchard, Peter Senior, Dawn Speed & Don Vickers.

1st September

The draws for the respective England Matchplay will be made at the England AGM on Sunday and we are pleased to confirm the following players will be competing at Selsey next week :

Girls : Nicole Bidgway, Beau Greaves, Ellie Larsson-Brown, Shannon Reeves & Tia Tapp

Boys : Jarred Cole, Lewis Gurney, Alex Gurr, Keelan Kay, Dan Perry, Tyler Radlett, Jack Seymour & Jack Vincent

Ladies : Lisa Ashton, Trina Gulliver, Deta Hedman, Paula Jacklin, Fallon Sherrock, Maggie Sutton,  Lorraine Winstanley & Tricia Wright

Mens : Glen Durrant, Dennis Harbour, Jamie Hughes, Mark McGeeney, Martin Phillips,  Scott Mitchell, Dean Reynolds & Geert de Vos